Wednesday, August 09, 2006

akin to demonizing the telephone.

kathleen in the comments:
"Well Damn Sam. I'm rubbing my eyes and looking at the news, asking myself if it's really real. I remember what a rush it was when Joe Duffey won the primary in 1970. We were flying.

The three way is a major drain. Duffey lost because the Dems were divided. Joe L. is foolhardy to think Repugs will prefer him, rather than picking up the seat for themself. They want that subpoena power to stay with them.

The woodshed better be reserved for the week. There is some kind of back room deal in the works on Rummy and Lieberman. Chris Matthews joked about it on Keith Olberman's show. That's the second reference to it in a week. That helps the CT race, but what kind of Sec of Defense is he gonna be?

It was so hard to vote against an old friend. It made me sad. The day Gore announced Lieberman as his running mate, I was in D.C.on CT. Indian tribal business and celebrated the news of Joe on the ticket with Joe Duffey and Anne Wexler, the other key McCarthy, Duffey person. It was a memory lane thing. We were all good friends.

It was a gorgeous day here in CT. I went to vote at the Nathan Hale School. There were two Lamont people at the road, on each side of the driveway, so people would know where to turn in. Then another one at the edge of the path into the school. No Lieberman people, anywhere. I felt encouraged.

I went to the beach to chill and see if I could fathom how my little group of Holocaust survivors voted, without prying. it's been very difficult for them to decide because they were angry at Joe for Iraq and wished he would admit he was wrong. but then the war started in Isreal and Lebanon and their fear, I think made them seek hardliners, like this is good for Israel. I think this is the reason the poll margins narrowed. Plus Ned saying Isreal has the right to defend itself, was a turnoff to pro Palestinians, strong group here in CT. Ned will have to clean that up, or it will cut into his support, big time.

This race is a doozie, but then, aren't they all? It's been so fun nailbiting with ya'al.

Now Condi, them was some birth pangs. It's a new dawn, color it peach."

* leeB in the comments:
"I suspect that yes, they can hear us pretty clearly now. Sam Seder made a great point concerning all the nasty remarks made by various media people to the effect that demonizing the blogosphere was akin to demonizing the telephone. What a hoot. So true."


rimone said...

when i wake up, i come to lukery's first, usually after reading headlines in my feed for a bit. i did no such reading today.

but i'm so pleased--nay, almost ecstatic--that Lamont won. WOO-HOOOO!

take /that/ rethugs!

lukery said...

yay! lukery for breakfast :-)

we missed you over here tho - was hoping you'd join in - what's a party without you?


rimone said...

fucking time zones!

lukery said...

we have some overlap- perhaps we can call it 'eternal vigil' or some shite

Don said...

A thought/suggestion/request-to-sate-my-curiousity:

Generally speaking, to get an idea of what kind of coverage we're looking at here, where geographically is everyone typing from?

For example, I'm in New Brunswick, Canada, Atlantic Time (GMT -4 hrs). I'm assuming Kathleen's in CT, Eastern Time (GMT -5 hrs). The time stamps on posts put Luke at GMT+9 (Eastern Aussieland). Just guessing, Rimone's at GMT in the UK?

How about everyone else?

Kathleen said...


Thanxxx for the link to Kos and the DLC slide. Have a special interest in Hillary's check to Lamont.

Dodd just endorsed Lamont and is assigned basically to talk Joe out of a run.

Curiouser and curiouser, because it was Chris Dodd's Dad, Senator Tom Dodd who did it to Joe Duffey.

I'm having a crazy idea. I know the grapevine says if Rummy resigns and Joe Lieberman loses, he'll end up replacing Rummy. Well, I think that's gonna be hard to wrest from them, acknowledging a mistake, sooo I was thinking because Revoltin Bolton's credentials are about to expire, maybe Dodd and Biden and Feingold on the SFRC should propose Joe Lieberman to replace John Bolton at the UN. Everybody who is opposed to Joe L. is more opposed to John Bolton. I'm gonna send that out there.

lukery said...

don - i am indeed left coast. a lovely coast too.

kathleen - great idea. everybody wins!

LeeB said...

Don, "where geographically?"

Very good of you to bring that up. I just about get a headache trying to visualize where everybody is just by trying to pick up clues here and there from comments.

Kathleen actually is bi-coastal - Summer/Fall in CT, Winter/Spring in Southern CA, so if I understand how to express GMT correctly, she would be GMT -8 in the Winter/Spring.

I'm in Washington State (a mile down the hill from Microsoft Headquarters), also GMT -8. Let me know if you want me to yell at Bill Gates on your behalf. I find it cathartic to run out on my deck to give him a piece of my mind on occasion.

Luke, you need to do up a chart!!

Kathleen, yes! Joe instead of Bolton is an excellent idea. I wonder if Darth Cheney will stand for it.

damien said...

GMT +10 ...half way between Melb and Sydney, Australia.

Teemu said...

GMT +2 (Helsinki, Istanbul, Jerusalem), southwestern tip of Finland

I'll always have my daily coffee&lukery breakfast too before heading to work (though I doubt my breakfast is as appreciated as R's. :), and now that you seem to have drifted a bit later(?) on your daily posting cycle, I'll get some more for dessert after lunch!

damien said...

you're upside down, teemu.

Don said...

Thanks all for the feedback. Any others?

Let me know if you want me to yell at Bill Gates on your behalf. I find it cathartic to run out on my deck to give him a piece of my mind on occasion.

LMAO! Better set aside 15 minutes daily... maybe more; I run into at least one pain in the ass a day. Plus, I'm starting on my MCSE cert blitz (1 down, 5 to go). The mindset of some of their exam questions suggests a level of delusion on the quality of their products that rivals Bushite cheering for NeoCon foreign policy.

Kathleen said...

Don,I wonder what a chart would look like with our locations pinpointed?

lukery said...

thnx everyone for filling in some more detail so that yuo can familiarize yerselves...

teemu - i have slipped out a bit. i actually get outta bed at a reasonable hour these days (i think i prefer the old way, pre-dawn, actually.)

i think calipendence is west coast - and miguel is continental USA somewhere...

LeeB said...

Luke! Did you get my email yet? I sent you a time zone map with the "Known knowns" posted.

Will revise as more info comes in. I'm working right now where I can't access email so will check back to see if there's anything new going on . . .

LeeB said...

Well. Luke got it. We want more to come up for air yelling "OVER HERE!!!" so we can add them to the map.

Hop to it!

lukery said...

yeah! what LeeB said!

(i've sent a couple of emails to people to ask if they want to be on - and where we can put them)

LeeB said...

. . . but if you're still thinking, no problem . . . I can add you anytime and just send Mr. Lukery an updated map. See? Same if you move. It's fun to see how far flung we are in this age of instant communications . . . It still boggles my li'l ol' pea brain.

And BTW, this ain't driving directions, so we'd still have to call before showing up on your doorsteps.

Don said...

Ya get curious and ask one question in this crowd and look what happens... :P

LeeB, great idea. I'd been half-assed considering a Google Earth-related, but (depending on the resolution of images of your particular area) that'd be just a little too specific, methinks.

A broadscale, more generic map, OTOH, awesome! If you pay attention to what's said in comments, you get an idea of how far-flung this community is, but to see it? That's awesome!

lukery said...


oldschool said...

Help!! I'm stuck here in central Indiana, the terrorist-target capital of the country. There's valuable corn fields, petting zoos, roller rinks, and all sorts of stuff that the terrorists hate us for. My nerves are shot - I may have to move to someplace safer, like NYC. And no one has even taken into account that, right here where I am, are other targets - like Livestock operations!! I didn't even see those on the Homeland Security list - incompetent bastards!! Seriously, I gotta get out of here - there's Muslims everywhere - or maybe they're Amish, I dunno, but they look funny and I don't trust 'em.

Tried to ask about the GMT =/- thing - dunno - "who's this Green Witch and why is she being meant to time"? I don't think that's the right answer... Same time as NYC this time of year.

Kathleen said...

I think anonymous mentioned a candidate in Rhode Island, so probably they hang out there.

Kathleen said...


With all those corn fields, you could probably grow something for your nerves.

LeeB said...

Hey, Oldschool - Are you referring to Indiana mebbe not being on Daylight Savings Time? Not being an expert on such matters . . . I'm sure somebody here can clue me in . . . but I'm assuming that GMT is the constant so for purposes of this map, Indiana would be GMT -6.

Yes? No? I'm thinking about putting that info on the map in the next round of additions.

Don, Thanks for raising this question the way you did! And you're right about the Google Satellite photos being a bit too close for comfort. We can't be too careful . . . Luke is still missing his television from the Lamont Victory Party, y'know. ;-)

lukery said...

oldschool - my heart goes out to you. be safe.

LeeB - i found the teeve. am still drying it out. it appears to have survived the fall from the balcony...

oldschool said...


Are you suggesting something corn-based, or something maybe planted surreptitiously in a corn-field?

Not that I'd know anyone who ever used *that* trick.

Did I keep a straight face?

LeeB said...

. . . uhhhhh . . . No

lukery said...


i think that i can safely say that at least half of my regulars are stoners :-)