Saturday, August 12, 2006

brewster jennings is not plame

* from Ceasefire Campaign:
"As the awful civilian death toll rises above 1000 in Lebanon and Israel, people around the world are seeking a place to voice their frustration and concern. Over the last 4 days, 200,000 people from 148 countries have signed the ceasefire petition. At this rate, we could soon be the largest global online petition in history."
* my sibel post yesterday didnt seem to get much attention here - but i x-posted at DU where it got a lot of attention and interesting discussion. larisa was fighting rearguard action - trying to re-emphasize that a) brewster jennings is not plame and b) that there was nothing nefarious about Plame attending the ATC event where she met joe wilson. see here for clarification on both those issues. that aside, there's some interesting reading over there - so go check it out.

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