Wednesday, August 23, 2006

bush knew

wow - LeeB sent this thru from may 2002

wow. i didnt know this was out there, fp'd (as we say) at the time.

(LeeB rox. gwb doesnt)


rimone said...

was this when the totally ignored 6. august PDB came out, became known to the public?

i can see that that front page did NOTHING to affect the asswipes among US. no surprise there.

LeeB said...

Off the top of my head I don't remember for certain if it was the revelation of that Aug 6 PDB. It could be it was that. I have always been highly suspicious of the timing of this NY Post piece, because the facts were bubbling up to the surface (some of us NEVER bought the official story from the instant the cameras were focused on bu$h in that classroom), and KKKarl is a genius when it comes to distracting and diverting attention from embarrassing or dangerous truths by outing twisted versions himself.

Just look at how he managed the re-emergence of the AWOL documentation in 2004. That story was well-documented and factually correct. Somebody engineered a *close, but not quite the original* re-creation of the actual documents and used the entire thing to run a sting on CBS and Dan Rather, backed up by a fleet of pre-set rightwing bloggers to kick up plenty of factually-incorrect dust around fonts and typewriters.

As usual, it worked. The public's attention was diverted away from the correct story that bu$h went AWOL from TANG during the Viet Nam war and the press dutifully cooperated by pointing fingers at Dan Rather and the informant, kicking up a ruckus about irresponsible newsies.

It should also be remembered in all this that to run the AWOL story on CBS that night, they pre-empted plans to run a well-prepared story on the source of the fake documents from Italy on the uranium-from-Niger, and this was prior to the November election.

Hmmm. Now, that couldn't have had anything to do with anything, could it? Nah, of course not.

lukery said...

LeeB - I've always said that the TANG/Niger/CBS thing was related. ya know, we *STILL* havent seen that niger piece.

LeeB said...

Actually, Luke, I think they eventually did run the Niger piece. I think it was early this Spring on 60 Minutes. Anybody have a better rememory of that? They had to wait until it wasn't bumping up against some election that might have made the bu$hies pay a price. Bastards.

lukery said...

LeeB - nah, they didnt run it (i'm pretty sure). They did run that Tyler Drumheller (sp?) piece - but that wasn't it (although it was portrayed by some as being the same)

rimone said...

LeeB: reading your first comment starting at your 2nd graph above, and i had tears in my eyes again, at how easy it was to fool US and especially how pinkmanballoon rove played US, all w/the help of the hordes of the flying KKKeyboard KKKommandoes. fuckin' hateful, lying bastards.

i could scream and at the time, i did. and i STILL love Dan Rather.

ps, at the beginning when the first meme or whatever was launched about how it was impossible for a Selectric typewriter to be used, i mailed josh marshall (who asked if that was possible), mailed him to say that in the early 70s, i myself was using a Selectric and AFAIC, the fucking docs were genuine.

*crickets chirping* (not from Josh; from the other side who, as we know, totally ignores facts/makes their own goddamn reality)

ps, i've been trying to make my own reality since i was like far, no good.

lukery said...

we still dont know if those dox were legit or not. we do know that the 'case' 'debunking' them was bollox, and they havent been proved to be fakes.

(also, josh worked on that niger piece - and he told me that the tyler piece was a different one)

LeeB said...

About the credibility of the story, Paul Lukasiak, who sometimes posts comments on Steve's Washington Note, has done a mountain of research on the AWOL story. Martin Heldt has an ongoing discussion thread on Salon's Table Talk, as well as his own site that he calls (rightly) "a treasure chest of information and links" at, and he also has the documents they have collected posted online. Lurking is free at, and this link will take you to the latest of almost 60,000 posts on the AWOL story. Paul is a frequent contributor.

This particular thread begins in February 2004. It heats up in August when the ruckus first started comparing Kerry's record in Viet Nam with bu$h's AWOL crap. The first posts about the CBS story come along at the beginning of the second week of September. The whole time the creepy rethuglicans were pointing fingers at Dan Rather and making ridiculous claims about the limitations of Selectrics (I worked on them during the 70s, too) and how the forgeries *had* to have been done on a computer - argh - I was yelling back at the TeeVee.

One of Dan Rather's producer (researcher?) who was fired, among others, has published a book about the whole mess. I need another lifetime to catch up on it all. I see why EW does the audio book thing. May have to give that a try!

Luke, thanks, too, for the Niger info. I don't remember for sure just WHAT I saw. I'll have to go see if I can find a trace of whatever it was on the CBS website.

lukery said...

thnx LeeB

poor dan rather.

Mary Mapes is that woman's names from cbs

regardless of the documents - we know george was awol. that's the only important thing. bastards.