Sunday, August 27, 2006

The child-president

* in other news, i've been meaning to run a post about everyone's favourite name for the preznit (did i actually do this already?) - digby uses variations of 'Codpiece in Chief', billmon recently used 'President Dumb Shit' - Rimone has any number of expressions for him, not many of them flattering, or repeatable. Kathleen calls him Dopey. LeeB likes Hartmann's 'Raisanbrain.' I call him Blinky. btw - you should see the blinkage quotient in - not surprisingly when he says stuff like:
'you -blink-are -blink-either -blink-with-blink- us -blink-or -blink-with -blink-the-blink- terrorists'
'we'll-blink- catch -blink-these -blink-evil -blink-dewars'
'no-one-blink- could -blink-have -blink-predicted'
pessimist at tlc calls him Pretzeldunce

scott calls him 'The child-president'

and there are a thousand others.

what are your favorites?

i'm gonna try to institute a new thing where i have an 'Open Dread' every night before i go to catch some zzzzz's - and i might give a little nudge in a particular direction - but it's basically open season where you can comment on whatever the hell you've read while i'm asleep, the daily outrages, or whatever else - or if you wanna scare me as i tumble outta bed with new horrors

so go to it. what's on your mind?


Miguel said...

I usually call him the Clown Prince. Not terribly original, I'm afraid, but a bit more respectful than what I'd REALLY like to call him.

profmarcus said...

oddly enough, i only use either "george" or, simply, "bush..." for me, both of those capture every demeaning epithet imaginable, and i will never again be able to use either in any context without at least an involuntary emotional shudder... my favorite when referring to george and his cronies, however, is "bush's criminal posse..."

damien said...

Whatever we call the sob, he's still going to attack Iran. And given the official objective of destroying any nuclear weapons making 'capacity' that means taking out all of Iran's infrastructure.

Yet, even in my own country, fossils like Podhoretz are being printed and newspaper editorials are telling us that attacking Iran is the way to go:

"It is my contention that the Bush Doctrine is no more dead today than the Truman Doctrine was cowardly in its own early career. Bolstered by that analogy, I feel safe in predicting that, like the Truman Doctrine in 1952, the Bush Doctrine will prove irreversible by the time its author leaves the White House in 2008. And encouraged by the precedent of Reagan, I feel almost as confident in predicting that, three or four decades into the future, and after the inevitable missteps and reversals, there will come a president who, like Reagan in relation to Truman in World WarIII, will bring World War IV to a victorious end by building on the noble doctrine that George W. Bush promulgated when that war first began."

What is it with these people that they so easily support murder without cause? Not their own children, you understand....fucking assholes...

Anonymous said...

In my house, we call him the Cheerleader. (or sometimes chimpy)

Cheney is the real president, Bush just cheers. To overly focus on the Cheerleader, you will miss the game.

Besides, that is what he does best. Heck of a job, Chimpy - gooooo team!

- Jiminy Cricket

LeeB said...

Isn't it interesting how this White House occupant, the pResident, has turned on its head the notion that bestowing nicknames is an expression of affection. I can't find enough ways of expressing my contempt for this twit (and his co-conspirators) and everything they stand for. I didn't like Reagan or 41, either, but in those days I didn't have any trouble giving them initial caps, as the ordinary way of writing a person's name. At the very least, these jerks deserve nothing more than lower case. :-)

Of course, Darth is the *real* chief executive, but in terms of accountability, Raisinbrain (that's Mike Malloy's, not Thom Hartmann's, BTW) is where the buck stops.

I hope we get to see the entire gang swept up in an orgy of impeachments followed immediately by indictments as they are shackled and led off to jail to await trial.

Heck, I'll even go along with allowing them legal counsel, which is more than they do with their held-without-charge, so-called terrorist suspects.

Superteemu said...

(I should quote Saussure or Eco in this company to keep up the appearance, but here goes...) Homer Simpson once said: "[Gays] turned the Navy into a floating joke. They ruined all our best names like Bruce, and Lance, and Julian. Those were the toughest names we had! Now they're just, uh..."

So, I like to call him "President Bush". I think that's compact and easily recognizable. And on insult-scale, I think that ranks quite high. GWB has pretty much defined the meaning of the phrase himself with his actions, so I'd just dilute the stench if I'd try to add anything into it.

LeeB said...

Teemu - "They ruined all our best names . . ."
Heh . . . Excellent!


Not to derail the name game thingie going on here, but in reference to an earlier thread about public financing of elections and the current methods AND health care/Medicare, etc., I heard an interview on AAR the other day in which Al Franken was talking with Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel specifically mentioned this revealing information:

It seems that Big Pharma donated approximately $150 million dollars to the re-election campaigns of their favorite rethuglican congresscritters. The rule-breaking arm-twisting by Tom DeLay in the middle of the night on the Medicare Rx bill gave them, in exchange for their investment, a return of a taxpayer funded windfall of $130 BILLION as that infamous piece of crap was written. (I don't believe this includes the rapidly escalating prices on the drugs that people have been forced to pay since.) As Emmanuel summed it up, "You can't get that kind of a return on Wall Street!"

If I recall correctly, also in that previous thread, Luke dug up a link to the actual figures of the cost of the 2004 election which I had guessed at being $2B, but was, in reality almost $4B.

Even with double the figure going into the campaigns in 2004, it would have been one helluva bargain had we already had public financing of elections instead of allowing the passage of legislation that gave this whopping sum to just ONE special interest group.

I didn't want that tidbit to get lost in the nether reaches what remains of my mind, so there you have it.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming . . . .

oldschool said...

I normally just use the initials GWB myself, but my favorite nickname is from an FDL commenter who always refers to the prez as GW Clusterfuck.

rimone said...

i started referring to him as gwb but now mostly use 'the preznit' cause he sure as shit ain't /my/ President. i went on to 'the first fuck' (no imagination, that). then the pretzel-choker, AWOL-boy, kingy, the squatter, the Stuffed Codpiece, the Texas Chainsaw Moron (in honor of his TWAT: total war against timber); the decider or deciderer et al. last week 'windy' in honor of that which he thinks is the height of hilarity.

my fave is smirkey mcBruisey but i only use that when he hurts himself and there's pictures *hoping for the next ASAP* :-)

LeeB: At the very least, these jerks deserve nothing more than lower case.


John Lydon (Sex Pistols) calls all of bu$hCo 'the cheneys' which i think is a scream.

almost forgot: like many others, i sometimes call him Commander Koo Koo Bananas (from that Simpsons ep last year). too lazy/tired to Google now but Bart was talking about what he'd do when he grew up. Homer tells him something about enlisting in Commander Koo Koo Bananas's eternal war (i'm paraphrasing badly).

LOL, huge fuckin' Schadenfreude going on here just thinking about it. :-)

lukery said...

thnx everyone. it's funny that many think that his name, as it is, is sufficiently soiled. what a legacy.

i also used to call him The Inappropriate Sniggerer.

damien: that's horrifying.

LeeB - i wonder what the return on funds was on the MBNA bill. probably in the same order.

Kathleen said...

Well, I never call him President. He's either the current occupant of the Oval Office or Dopey, or Busholini(Italian for Shrub), Das Bush because he seems manaically attached to an exercise in futility, just because.

The Demander-In-Chief
The Deciderator.
And, Jiminy, he is just a Rah Rah Frat Brat cheerleader.

I've seen some other names I wish I'd thought of.
Dumbya, Commander Cod Piece.