Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dare we call it treason?

* re the latest about Lance's new book where he documents that Al Qaeda infiltrated three U.S. security agencies, Miguel writes:

Let's not forget this article from Peter Dale Scott from a couple of years back:

Here's one of the money quotes:

"As for Ali Mohamed's long-known relationship to the FBI, Fitzgerald said only that, "From 1994 until his arrest in 1998, he lived as an American citizen in California, applying for jobs as an FBI translator and working as a security guard for a defense contractor."
Obviously, the Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald who we all know and love was not so forthcoming in this testimony.

Can anyone guess who "a defense contractor" refers to?

Nope - can't guess.

Also from that article:
"The (911) commission may have failed to explore these matters for the same reason it suppressed testimony from a former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds. She said a foreign organization had penetrated the FBI's translator program. "
Miguel also notes:

This also brings up the question of how many spies other spies besides Mohamed al Qaeda might have had in U.S. agencies? And could this be the real "inside job" theory of 9-11? Did certain employees in the State or Defense dept, FAA or whatever passed critical data to al Qaeda to make the 9-11 attacks easier to pull off? Do I hear the names Perle, Feith and Franklin? (that's pure speculation on my part).

If Al Qaeda did have a sophisticated spying operation, it might bring the total cost of pulling off 9-11 signigicantly higher than the half million or so that has been estimated so far. Maybe Bin Laden does need drugs to finance his organization after all.

great points all round. perhaps that's the reason 'al qaeda' knew to go into play on the same day that all those NORAD exercises were taking place.

dare we call it treason?


Anonymous said...

There is no unified group called "Al Qaeda", only criminal extremists of various religious stripes being used in proxy wars by the intel agencies of the countries they live in or work for.

The real question is what criminal rats in which agencies worked behind the scenes to plan and pull 9/11 off.

lukery said...

anon - agreed re AlQ that's why i always try to use 'scare quotes'

which agencies? i suspect it was at least fbi, cia, pentagon and State (incl. various embassies). for starters.

which people? we already know many of the people who were at least involved with groups who were involved with 911.

rimone said...

do we dare call it treason? you fuckin' betcha. the absolute audacity of these fuckwits in charge, attempting to obfuscate, play down, ignore et al. and on and on and on, information that we--the people--so desperately need, even to 'move on' or whatever is breathtaking.

noise said...

Wouldn't it be more logical to think Ali Mohammed was an FBI asset rather than an Al Qaeda mole who fooled the FBI?

Just because field agents are well intentioned doesn't mean higher level officials do not have ulterior motives. Case in point, look at the retaliation against whistleblowers like Edmonds. If everyone has the best interests of the country in mind, why are whistleblowers treated so badly?

I think Anon. may be right. Al Qaeda seems to be a creation of western intel. Strategy of tension, corporate agenda, etc.

LeeB said...

I think I posted a link to this in some earlier thread. The book is 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. Read. There are approximately 20 reader reviews at this link that provide a bunch of information.

In addition, the author, Webster Griffin Tarpley, did a very lengthy interview on AAR with Mike Malloy earlier this month. If you have an interest in listening (while you continue your extremely important tasks of contributing HERE), you can download the free MP3 here.

From what I have read of the reviews . . . and heard in the interview . . . y'all are on the same track as Tarpley.

lukery said...

Noise - good points. I can't wait for Lance's book to see how he portrays it.

thnx LeeB - i have that interview but have listened to it. will do so.

rimone said...

noise et al: see the power of nightmare--fantastic stuff and very enlightening.

and it's all online! spread it around y'all.