Friday, August 04, 2006

Democrats spin the Israeli massacre of the Lebanese people

* digby:
"While I believe that liberalism is the best way to govern in a free society, that doesn't mean I'm unaware of what's currently politically achievable. Like most bloggers I understand that there are regional, tribal and structural factors that play into our politics as much as ideology. But perhaps some of us see our keyboards as a way, over time, to persuade people to come over to our side. There is a lot of preaching to the choir, to be sure. But the idea is to get liberal ideas back into circulation --- at dinner tables, water coolers, church picnics and, of course, the media. If the country is politically conservative I have to believe that it's at least partially because conservatism or psuedo-conservatism is the only ideology that's being discussed. It certainly is the only ideology that's considered respectable.
So for both ideological and practical reasons I believe that somebody has to make a case that it's good for individuals and the country as a whole to be liberal. The Party gave up on that a while back so activists and writers and others are stepping into the breach. Is that really such a bad thing?"

* kleiman:
"If I were an actual conservative, I'd resent the use of "conservative" as synonymous with "stubbornly ignorant" and "liberal" as meaning "favorable to science." As a liberal, I'm happy to have conservatism associated with obscurantism at the state level as well as incompetence and corruption at the federal level."
* xymphora:
"Watching the Democrats spin the Israeli massacre of the Lebanese people is like watching a spectator to an altercation between a 200-pound man and a six-year-old girl. The man keeps knocking the girl down, but she gamely gets up, only to be knocked down again. Gradually, as she struggles more and more to get up, it becomes apparent that he is killing her. Nevertheless, the spectator, Mr. Democrat, claims to be completely oblivious to what is going on
Mr. Democrat’s position is even more sickening when you consider that the American public is against what Israel is doing.... The only lesson to be taken from this is that the Democrats are doing this rationalization solely for money, and not for political support. They make the Republicans look ethical.

By the way, doesn’t the current situation make those who denied the Israel Lobby thesis look positively foolish?

I can’t forget Blair, a man who should have been deposed by his spineless colleagues months ago, colleagues who are now in open revolt. As I predicted, leaving Blair around was a dangerous mistake, and the time is now to get rid of him, and turn him over to a war crimes tribunal for conviction and sentencing."


Anonymous said...

Well, the cat is out of the bag now. The people of the western governments can now see that our leaders are not operating in the best interests of the people or the country. They are not trying to defend the west or renew it so that it can compete against developing nations. They are using their own citizens in a proxy war against developing nations that are becoming a threat to the western elite. Never mind the fact that these wars don't really improve the lives of the majority. Western jobs can go overseas and hurt people living in the west. But if you are a threat to western oil then, well we need to send westerners over to defend that.

lukery said...

there is such a disconnect - even the american people are starting to see what is haeppening, despite the full-throated, relentless propaganda by politicians and the media.