Monday, August 28, 2006

Draft Reinstated, Canada Pissed

* via jeralyn, a funny "let's bomb iran" video. (yes, mass murder is funny). the higlight is the mock frontpage of USAToday headline: "Draft Reinstated, Canada Pissed"

* jiminycricket: "Incompetence is their last buffer from going to the Hague, by making all this appear unintentional."

* billmon:
"Having the U.S. government investigate Israel's use of cluster bombs is like having the Unibomber investigate the London subway bombings."

* digby:
"(Leverett) assessment is one of the most clear eyed views I've seen of the ramifications of the Bush Doctrine as it's been applied in the middle east. He calls for a return to "realism" which not so long ago was considered a dirty word by people like me. But I've learned a few things in the past few years --- there is something far worse than foreign policy realism and it's called neoconservatism in full effect, a lethally stupid combination of puerile Trotskyite idealism with a belief that brute force is the only path to democratic utopia. Combine that with epic ineptitude and you have the chaos that the Bush administration will bequeath to the next administration. And if a Republican succeeds him, the roots of neoconservatism are now deep enough in the party establishment that it will probably carry on for some time.

After five years of that Frankenstein experiment I'm more than happy to try some old fashioned stability, if only to catch a breather and survey the damage that's been wrought. I suspect many ordinary people in the mid-east would appreciate it as well."

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