Thursday, August 31, 2006

Duncan Hunter's fear of whistleblower legislation

* there was a whistleblower conference call with Sibel, Russ Tice and others on today. I'm gonna write it up after I get the recorded version - but it appears that Michael Hampton of Homeland Stupidity is already on the job. Hampton has the action alert details:
"Standing in the way of national security whistleblower protection, Devine says, is House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Duncan Hunter, (R-Calif.) who “has bowed to demands by the Department of Justice that national security reform is off the table,” Devine said."
Devine said that people can contact Rep. Hunter at 202-225-5672 and the House Armed Services Committee at 202-225-4151 and urge him to keep the whistleblower protection act, known as the “Federal Employee Protection of Disclosures Act,” in the defense bill."
You can email Hunter here - his website notes that:
"In order to send e-mail, you:
- must be a resident of the 52nd District of California;
- must include your name and mailing address in your e-mail."
In case you wanted to pretend - let's say - to be a resident of CA52, Mr Hunter's office zipcode is 92020 - I suspect that nearby zips are also in his district. And there are some street names here. I'm just sayin.


calipendence said...

You might also do some good by contacting his Democratic opponent for the district 52 seat in November, John Rinaldi. John's a good man. I've met him a few times, and he's well aware of the investigations that Duncan Hunter is facing, though it probably wouldn't hurt to forward him some of this info as you get it. He's come to a number of our Democratic Club meetings which sits both in District 50 and neighboring District 52. If enough of you contact him on stuff, I can talk to him and remind him of it again if he's here at our next meeting in September.

Perhaps I'll tell him he can get a good Sibel Edmonds button if he works hard enough for us on this! :)

Michael Hampton said...

Thanks for the kind words. I didn't realize there were people on the call from Australia. :)

I'm actually going to have a couple of follow-up postings, so stay tuned... :)

calipendence said...

I just sent a note to our local Dem group leader and cc'd John Rinaldi's campaign so that hopefully we can get some REAL residents of district 52 to call Hunter's office on this!

lukery said...

Michael - great work on the post! You must be a helluva notetaker - or were you blogging in real-time? (aha! i thought i heard a keyboard in the background!)

it was a seamless post - and posted less than an hour after the call finished. nice work! i didnt bother taking notes cos i'm going to work off the recording. (and i fear that i might be called upon to transcribe the whole thing.)

if you were still there at the end of the call - when Sibel asked if 'Luke' was there - that's me. I should have said 'good morning' and given the game away :-)



lukery said...

calipendence - great work. will obviously announce when the audio (and trancript) is available.

it'd be great to get some ca52's involved - and i guess anyone can call his office and make themselves known - esp. w/ him on the Armed Services Committee (and of course we all know why he doesn't want whistleblowers to have any protection.)