Friday, August 18, 2006

election mosh

* Ron suggests that you watch this music video clip about katrina. you can't tell him if you like it or not, cos he's turned off his comments for some reason.

meanwhile, i think this clip ought to get back into circulation. it still gives me chills. unfortunately it was released only days before the 2004 election - but perhaps it should be our themesong this time round. watch it.

this clip isn't the exact version that i wanted - and i cant tell you why, cos it'll spoil it.

meanwhile, for one reason or other, i've avoided doing the youtube thing - and usually just point to other sites that have videos. would you prefer that i post them here?


rimone said...

in my very unlearnt opinion, of all the sites that post embedded vids (apart from crooks/liars and youtube), at least half of them fuck up the entire page, making the text of other posts unreadable (why i quit scanning sites like mea culpa--too frustrating).

i'd prefer just a link to youtube or whatever, but that's just me. go w/the majority of responders luke and i'll deal.

heh--i said 'deal.' ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too many tabs with pages with too many embedded YouTubes always freaks out Firefox, making Windows in general crap out. I would much prefer links to the youtube page, or to another page with the video embedded. Especially as I tend to keep wiig4 open all day as I slowly make my way through posts during brief pauses in my dayjob.


lukery said...

thnx. decision made.

(geoff - thnx for saying hi. flattered that you check in all day)

rimone said...

it happens to me on firefox (Mac) w/maybe 6-8 tabs open but even if only one page has an embedded vid, it totally screws up the formatting of the other pages e.g., i can see the vid (partially or in full) no matter which page i'm on. this doesn't happen when i have multiple youtube pages open w/their vids loading and/or one is playing.

rimone said...

just saw this one here and miraculously, it didn't fuck up any other of my open tabs.

back to the vid--i can't tell you how dismayed i was when he released it just days before the last fucked election.

but this isn't the same vid, no?

lukery said...

there was a vid that i had where they enrol to vote at the end.