Tuesday, August 15, 2006

established facts here point to a large scale 911 cover-up

Sibel was on Alex Jones show in July. It's taken me a while to listen to it because I know how painful AJ is - and it was even worse than I'd expected - he badgered the hell out of her. I transcribed, leaving some stuff out.

Note again, that she doesn't claim to know anything specific about 911 - only that she is interpreting the cover-up as circumstantial 'evidence'
Alex Jones: Is 911 an inside job - just from what you've seen in the media - not the classified stuff that you can't talk about - what happened on 911?

Sibel: well - of course I can't answer this - and this is not only because of the gag order, but the established facts here point to a large scale cover-up by the government. A government that doesn't have anything to hide - why would it go to such an extent to prevent the information from coming out, prevent investigations, gag whistleblowers, classify reports?

As you know, 2 years ago the CIA issued its report on 911, and the entire report got classified - under Porter Goss. This was the report - the investigation by the CIA IG. We have two types of issues here. One - we have all the facts that have already been established - we know about the Phoenix Memo, we know about Coleen Rowley's case, we know about the Iranian informant in 2001 coming up with the warning, we know about the blueprints being sent from the US to certain countries. Also, we have had other CIA whistleblowers who have proven, and come out with evidence and documentation of a lot of documented cases that point to the fact that a lot of facts were known (in advance). So for the government, for Condi Rice to come out and say 'we had no warning' (unintelligible)

Alex Jones: Where does the evidence point on 911?

Sibel: well - that is the whole point - they are not letting out all the evidence - we still don't have it to this date. Because as I was telling you, the IG reports have all been classified, we also had 35 pages, and this is according to Senator Graham - the most important evidence and information on 911 by the Senate & House Joint Inquiry in 2002 was classified. And five years later, everything about it is classified - and there are still people who are gagged - so this already points out that they don't want the evidence to come out! And they are keeping the evidence out of the public's reach.

Alex Jones: Sibel - I'm asking you 'where does the evidence point?'

Sibel: The evidence points to a massive government cover-up. And that raises the question of "Why?" Now, we can answer that in so many different ways, and we can speculate, but as I said, the most important thing is to stay with the facts - not the facts that the government claims to be the facts, but the facts that are absolutely undisputed.

Alex Jones: Sibel - in your gut, do you think that 911 was an inside job?

Sibel: Well, again, as I'm telling you, as I'm trying to tell you, we have all this evidence of cover-up. Now, who were the people behind this and why, and how? We don't have a definite answer. As I said, we can come up with theories, we can come up with speculation - but in my opinion they are not facts. But also what the government has been giving us - again, I don't consider those, the total truth, or facts either.

Alex Jones: Daniel Ellsberg went public last week saying that the evidence points to an inside job...

Sibel: Well - I read Dan's statement - and it was very well argued, and very rational, and what he exactly said was he pointed out the possibility of it - and that he wouldn't be surprised if this is the case because nothing else would explain this level of cover-up.

Alex Jones: Would you be surprised?

Sibel: No. I wouldn't.

Alex Jones: You wouldn't be surprised if criminal elements, or private contractors were involved in 911

Sibel: No - I wouldn't be surprised.

Alex Jones: If whistleblowers aren't protected, how can we have more evidence come out? How can we help you?

Sibel: Our website is NSWBC.org - we have put all the documents there about how Congress has been preventing whistleblowers from coming forward and giving information to the public - and also, they are not holding any hearings. We have actually announced our whistleblowers Dirty Dozen - the top 12 who have prevented investigations into these 911 related issues. It's at
NSWBC.org. My personal website is at JustACitizen.org

Alex Jones: So you wouldn't be surprised like many others - because of the evidence, and the coverup you've seen - if 911 was an inside job ?

Sibel: At this point I'd have to say 'No' - I wouldn't be surprised.

Alex Jones: Do you think the evidence is leaning toward that?

Sibel: Well - again, considering the level of cover-up - and the lengths to which they have gone to gag people and to prevent people from making this information coming out, I would say 'yes'


Miguel said...

Ahhhh, now I understand. Sibel was basically badgered by Alex Jones into allowing the possibility that 9-11 might have been an inside job. Jones twisted this around in the summary of the interview, taking her statements out of context. Thus, a lot of folks on DailyKOS came to the conclusion: "Sibel said 9-11 was an inside job".

lukery said...


it was my duty to clean up the record :-)

i left out much of his badgering.

Miguel said...

"i left out much of his badgering."
Thanks for the warning. I love Sibel's interviews: I think she is one of the most underrated political activists of the present day and is a very articulate spokesperson for the cause.

But I think I'll skip listening to another Alex Jones rant.

lukery said...

actually - it's almost worth listening to - just to see her in action, deftly dealing with him :-)

(particularly how she dealt with the ellsberg issue - and you can see how AJ's headline re sibel's interview ended up the same way)