Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For God and Gold

* driftglass:
"Our Iraqi Debacle -- by any measure -- is minting new enemies faster than IHOP cranks out silver dollar pancakes the morning after Hemp Fest hits town, and we are going to be living with sequel after sequel after brutal sequel for the rest of our lives.

All thanks to George Walker Bush, our very own Goofus Khan.

And yet in the range of 40% of this country -- some 38 or so million of our fellow citizens -- still hang on his words, and would vote for him and his sack of Hell over and over again given half a chance.
However, Modern Conservatives not only don’t “do” logic and facts, but they’re proud of their stupid. The closest I usually ever get when I slide one past the shields and hit bone is the squinched-down look of pain as some cognitive dissonance depth charge goes off in their Lucite skulls like an RPG in a terrarium.
They do not care that process -- that “means” -- is precisely what is most sacred in a democracy, because on a fundamental level, the Cheneys and Coulters of the world loathe democracy itself. They are the enemy within liberty’s perimeter, eating away at the Constitution, rotting freedom away from the inside out and screaming "traitor" at anyone who stands in their shattering path.

They are our betrayers, not in some narrow, technical sense but on a much deeper and more dangerous level because they believe in what they are doing.
Jerry Falwell genuinely believes that helping to trigger Armageddon will be his Holy 401K.

And Dubya is a white-knuckling, emotionally dead dry-drunk halfwit with the attention span of a massively over-caffeinated mayfly who believes in all the fun, flight-suit-related bits about being Preznit and leaves the hard thinky stuff to Dick.

And every one of this Administration’s reckless, catastrophic foreign policy disasters has lurched us closer to the dreams of it's most ardent madmen.


Because chaos is the agenda.
Get any of your GOP pals 3-4 beers drunk and poke ‘em a little in their jingo hole and they’ll tell you exactly what they believe is going on.

They want them all dead.
Any halfway competent reverse-engineering of the events of the last five years can only bring you to one conclusion: this Administration has been playing to lose in the region.


Because they are trying to reconstitute a doctrine of Corporate Christian Manifest Destiny and visit on the Middle East exactly the same kind of slaughter that has not been seen since Europe annihilated whole nations and peoples in the Americas, and for the same reasons: For God and Gold."

read the rest. read it.

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