Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fox: Bush is a Loser.

* emptywheel wonders whether the call for rummy's resignation was cheney's response to hersh's latest article

* omg - am watching BeltwayBoys on fox, and they put a big screenshot photo of Preznit Blinky with the words LOSER written across the top.

* Kathleen and LeeB get top billing over at Rimone's place: "say it loud! i’m shrill and i’m proud!"

* This via LeeB, two 'suicides' in the CIA-kidnapping case in Italy, one of them the prosecutors' chief source.


rimone said...

just FYI, on the main page i see a great grey box obscuring the words under 'omg - am watching BeltwayBoys on fox, and'

over here on the comments page, i can read your entire post and there's nary a sign of the box, which i assumed was your screenshot of the LOSER thing.

just sayin'

lukery said...

egads! thnx

i have no idea what that is.

can u still see it?

rimone said...

yes, i see the grey box obscuring most of your words, on the main page but no grey box here on the comments page.

i wanna see the LOSER thingy!

lukery said...

i sent it to amato - hopefully he'll post it. it was amazing.

Kathleen said...

Speaking of Rummy resigning, does anyone know the current status of Henry Waxman's subpoena to Rummy to appear and testify on the National Security Whistleblower matter? When is he supposed to appear and testify?

Rove is so sly, they could be letting Joe L. win the Senate race, betting on Jodi Rell being reelected to the governorship.

If that happens and Rummy resigns and they name Joe L., Rell could name a Republican to relace him. Slick.