Friday, August 04, 2006

Fox News hoping that Lieberman wins

* damien has more re the pentagon/911. for the record, i'd never even considered any of the 'missile-hit-the-pentagon' stories until the time there was that weird story that Rumsfled kept a fragment of the plane on his desk. given the penchant for propaganda that these guys have developed (not to mention that it was apparently illegal for him to have it) - i started to get a bit suspicious. i presume that a plane actually hit the pentagon - but there appears to be arguments to the contrary, and as we've seen this week, the number of lies we've been told is just extraordinary.

* jeebus - dont miss this rapture video. apparently us heathens wont have milk deliveries!

* i've never been a big lamont supporter (mostly through ignorance) - but this video is amazing.

i'll add that i recently wrote:
"* brit hume opening a segment on CT: 'lamont is leading 51%-47% - which is within the margin of error. you could even argue that lieberman is ahead' and later kondracke said 'actually there's another poll that shows lamont even further ahead' and brit hume said 'you better be careful what you say, there are a lot of us at FoxNews hoping that Lieberman wins'!"
i'll note that i was in touch with hamsher and amato about posting the video and amato didnt - so maybe i dreamed the whole thing.


damien said...

Everyone should believe that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon until it's proved otherwise. That being said, the damage path through three rings of the building bears a remarkable similarity to the type of damage produced by missile attack, not a 757.

For the short version of the story,and the best website on this, bookmark pentagonresearch.

oldschool said...

lessee - who's Lieberman got lined up behind him now?
Ann Coulter
Tom Delay
College Republicans

Who am I forgetting? If the man had *any* decency whatsoever (I know I know) he'd at least stop claiming to be a Democrat.

I wonder if it's possible, if Lieberman loses the primary, to go ahead and declare as a Republican, who would then in return cede him the Repub slot for the November senatorial election in Conn.? Or, in return for a formal declaration of change of party, withdraw the Repub candidate or have that candidate endorse Lieberman for the general election?

Did I mention that I have a fever?

lukery said...

thnx D.

oldschool - a politician with some decency? HA!

hope the fever's ok. we don't need you talking gibberish :-)

oldschool said...

no talking gibberish?

Well that's just great - *now* what am I supposed to do? I mean - that's kinda my thing....

ok - from this point forward, and until further notice, I shall officially "have a fever".

there that oughta do it...

lukery said...

ha - that's what i meant by "hope the fever's ok" ;-)

we'd hate to see it disappear on you.

Kathleen said...

There is a little known Repug candidate in CT., Scleshinger, but a woman, Diane Urbin, a State Rep, who is AntiWar and AntiBush, is circulating petitions to challenge for the Repug nomination.

If she succeeds in getting the required signatures, there'll be a primary on the GOP side too.

None of the polls list her as a candidate, so the results are really unknown, if she is in the picture. For CT voters to want anti war candidates on both tickets says how much the tide has turned on the war.

On the current euphoria on the polls in Lieberman/Lamont, polls are always taken weeks before the results are announced, so they are obsolete when you get them. They are hindsight.

The recent polls giving Lamont a 13 point lead were taken before the recent war between Israel and Lebanon. The most active people in CT who started the Dump Joe movement, years befre the bloggers arrived here, are primarilly formed around the Israel-Palestine question. We all objected to the Iraq War, in addition to years of fighting the Palestine issue.

I mention it here because Lamont disappointedly just mouthed the tired Dem position that Israel has the right to defend itself. While we aren't likely to now vote for Joementum, it is a very big disincentive and gives one pause for thought.

It's one thing to take a big political risk by criticizning the war, like Russ Feingold, John Conyers and Cynthia McKinney, and another to use the war issue as a means of launching a poltical career. I'm looking for a candidate who has the anatomy required to say Palestine and Lebanon and Syria and Iran have a right to defend themselves. We have meddled in their internal affairs ever since OPEC was formed.