Saturday, August 26, 2006

Global Nutwork

we have a new member of the Global Strike Force (yay) - apparently GSF central is Bristol, UK. in addition to Rimone and Simon, we now have Joules. Joules would have been a part of the team two weeks ago but somehow her application email got spammed by gmail. if my memory serves, joules has actually been reading my nonsense for a coupla years - and probably predates you all - but 'welcome' her anyways.

hopefully she'll join in in the comments occasionally. Joules' blog is here.

in related news, kathleen has suggested that 'Global Strike Force' sounds too military - and perhaps it is. any thoughts? the name kinda grew by accident from an offhand comment by me that was meant to imply that we were watching 24/7 from wherever on the planet - and that no crime would go un-noticed. kathleen offered 'Global Nutwork' as an option - which is funny. does anyone have any better suggestions?

i kinda agree with kathleen (in retrospect) that GSF sounds 'militant-ee' - and that's one thing that we are not - so perhaps we should change the name now. i'm not suggesting that desperate times don't call for desperate measures - i'm just saying that we arent a 'desperate measures' group.

so if you like 'gsf' or if you have an alternative - lemme know in the comments.

(and if this sounds like i'm taking us all too seriously - the answer is 'no')

In related news, kathleen says: " The pen is mightier than the sword." - meanwhile LeeB says: "The Toobz is mightier than the sword."

In any case, welcome to Joules, and perhaps we should have the second Yearly Lukery in Bristol. and maybe we should rename the GSF. let me know in the comments. apparently some strange folks are considering making tee-shirts and coffee mugs and whatnot - so we should try to get it sorted as soon as possible. We are still adding a few people per week - so a tee-shirt might not be such a great idea yet - cos it'll probably be outta date by next week.

one other thing i'll add - because apparently this confuses a lot of people - is that my name is Luke Ryland. 'Lukery' is simply the result that when you combine the two words in my name into lukeryland (in an email address for example), it starts to look like Lukery Land. (as an example, laura has me blogrolled as "Lukery Ryland")

updating to clarify: yep - Lukery is my nickname and handle and i like it :-)

in any case - if you have any alternatives for GSF - put em in the comments, or if you like GSF, say that too. (and again, i love the little community thing that we have going on here - and, no, i dont think that this is earth-shatteringly important - but let's get it right now - otherwise tee-shirts will soon be out of date!)

what say you?

and welcome again, Joules.


profmarcus said...

"gsf" isn't a problem for me... first of all, i think the term "global" is great, first of all, because we ARE global... "strike," to me, says "immediate response," which is exactly what we do - respond immediately to what's going on, with insight and truth... "force" fits as well, because we put weight - thought, research, and intelligence - behind our work... just some thoughts...

rimone said...

welcome Joules! tried to find your contact addy on your site but i ended up reading and reading and reading and getting diverted. oh, and reading some more. :-)

i love the sunrise photo--in NYC there are never cloud formations like here, much less with the fantastic cloud colorations here as well.

i'm sooo pleased that you, too, are in Bristol.

Luke: as far as 'lukery' i know that's like a combo of your first and surname but i think it's quite the cool screen-name. but from now on, i shall call you Luke (if i remember).

as far as GSF--exactly what Prof Marcus said above. and hey, if the shoe fits 'n' all...i mean, only rethugs will take that literally.

no. sense. of irony. WHATSOEVER.

but i shall be happy to use whatever other collective name that describes us all here. :-)

damien said...

Yeah, I'm for "Global Strike Force". Much better than "Liberal Scribblers and Terrist Enablers". Camouflague gear, dark glasses, a few good passwords (known only to the NSA-DOD-Carlyle but, hey...) Sounds good. Plus if we get some little badges we can all recognise each other at the internment camp.

oldschool said...

"Strike Force" is sexy. Face it. I *like* being on a Strike Force.

After all, who's gonna protect all these central Indiana terrorist-targeted petting zoos, if it's not a member of a Strike Force? And I'm just the guy to do it (you'll note that not a single petting zoo has been successfully attacked since 9-11?) No need to thank me, just doin' my job.

Everybody knows that terrorists hate petting zoos. A Strike Force is definitely called for. Do you really want to live in a world where you can't go pet a goat when you feel like it?

This is no time to be moving backwards. No surrender, no retreat. Think of the goats, man.

lukery said...

cool - anyone else? i didn't think that GSF sounded 'military' till someone pointed it out.

(and call me 'Lukery' - i was just splainin cos some people get confused)

rimone said...

i just spit coffee outta my nose thanks to oldschool's Do you really want to live in a world where you can't go pet a goat when you feel like it?

This is no time to be moving backwards. No surrender, no retreat. Think of the goats, man.

and Damien's if we get some little badges we can all recognise each other at the internment camp.

thanks dudes--i needed that. :-)

lukery said...

yay gsf.

we rock.

as i've said before - as long as we can bunk together and get wifi - internment camp sounds AWESOME (as long as malkin isnt allowed in)

Don said...

Do you really want to live in a world where you can't go pet a goat when you feel like it?

This is no time to be moving backwards. No surrender, no retreat. Think of the goats, man.

Hell, think of the loss to the White House Library. Can't have that, now. G-Dub with more free time on his hands just doesn't bear contemplation.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking 'Global Surveillence Team' or 'Global Intelligence Network'. But after reading the comments above, I'm having a change of heart. These are way too wimpy and not nearly ironic enough.

lukery said...

thnx anon - yeah - i think everyone made a good case. profmarcus' comments closely mirror my original thinkin'

rimone said...

it just occurred to me that since /they/ use ass-backwards meanings in their oh-so-not clever rhetoric, why not do it as well?

Lukeryland's Global Strike Force and fuck 'em if they take it the wrong way. in fact, i hope they do--i want them shitting their underoos once again w/something like 'oh no! another terrist group. GIT 'EM!'

i'm waiting, motherfuckers. first thing'll be y'all get held down for punky haircuts and wild dye-jobs. maybe tattoos in obvious places. then, after your wills are broken or whatever, we'll move on to um, let's call it 're-education.' :-)

sorry, Luke...just woke up and still dreaming. i wish.

damien said...

I'm on the same team, I'm 12,000 miles away, and I'm terrified of you Rimone! God help the real enemies! :)

lukery said...

lol - i can imagine two different queues lining up to get the rimone treatment. the libs/lefties lining up outta choice to get some cool hair & tattoo treatment (and willing to pay a pretty price) - and on the other side, the convicted conservatives forced to line up as punishment - all chained up with a look of terror on their face, wondering which punishment to choose - a rimone hair-restylin, or the alternative (waterboarding).

(i'm not being very clear)

LeeB said...

Au contraire, Luke! You are perfectly clear! LOL!

I would just add a third group crowding around with cameras preserving those "looks of terror" to share around the world. WooHoo!

rimone said...

Damien: i'm really not a scarey person (only 5'2") i just play one on the internets/series o' tubes. :-)

Luke, just FYI, i would /never/ charge any lefty/progressive as i'm more into trading stuff/services w/my own, so to speak. those assholes who make their own reality and the dipshits who dig them? no choice, whatsoever.

*musing* i think a big 'T' (for traitor) tattooed on their foreheads a la Charles Manson's 'x' would be nice...i can see 'em standing at the Hague w/their Ts...

Don: Hell, think of the loss to the White House Library.

i recently read somewhere that that preznit'l gopher (forget his name--the asshole who was accepted into either harvard or yale and wasn't qualified), anyway, he's saving the whistles the preznit blows at the beginning of the whitehouse easter egg hunts. saving them for bush's library.

yep, those empty bookshelves won't fill themselves, y'know. i wonder if they're gonna include MOO-Kow, i mean Camus's The Stranger as, like an achievement or something. that poor book'll be all lonely. and Orwell's 1984? under 'instruction manuals.'

LeeB: I would just add a third group crowding around with cameras preserving those "looks of terror" to share around the world. WooHoo!


lukery said...

LeeB - funny :-)

Rimone. also funny. the whistle/liberry story is hysterical. 'instruction manuals' too.

LeeB said...

Rimone, I'm amazed! I could swear you write much taller than 5'2"

rimone said...

LeeB: a-heh, heh, heh. i mean, LOL! it comes from years of practise growing up in NYC and having a big mouth as a sort of protective mechanism (i've chased dopefiends who've ripped me off, chased them down the street demanding only my carfare back so i wouldn't have to walk to work. and guess what? after the 2nd block, they actually threw a couple of MY former dollars back at me, to get me to shut the fuck up).

i guess i have the female equivalent of tiny dick syndrome, except w/me it's teeny-tiny chick syndrome.

ps, i hate being small--would give anything to be like 5'6". shit, i'd even settle for 5'4".

lukery said...

yuo two are hysterical.

Kathleen said...

I think it's ironic and even Freudian that they are actually saving whistles that have been blown, what with the whistle blower coalition.

Being a Pacifist, I was uncomfortable with the word "Strike" and didn't want to sound war-like, but I'll adjust my mental perception of "Strike".

I did like Anon's suggestion, Global Awareness Force, it makes the word GAF, sounds like us.

Joules, bien venu.

Superteemu said...

I like "GSF" too. Somehow it reminds me of Thunderbirds , which, I guess, is a good thing.

(Btw. today, a close friend spoke to me today about privatization of utilities. He began with "my GF is working on water supply network in Sydney, and..." Is this some kind of luke-blackOp to make us others feel that publicly owned companies employ SO many extra people?)

lukery said...

Teemu: "Is this some kind of luke-blackOp "

Lol - that's hysterical! you obviously mischaracterized my argument ;-)

my only points in that entire discussion were that:
a) i'm not ideologically opposed to the private provision of services,
b) if there's corruption in the process, it might not matter how the services are delivered, and
c) there are blurry lines between private & public anyway that often don't get recongized (e.g. using private contractors to install water pipes, even in an ostensibly publicly-provided water delivery system)