Sunday, August 13, 2006

Global Strike Force

the american world:

click for larger pic (via rimone, via here)

in other news, this is the new version of the WotIsItGood4 Global Strike Force

Again, click. (and depending on whether the technogods are smiling on us or laughing at us, you might even be able to click it again for an even larger verion)

You'll note the Big Island is now front and center (and purple!). Thanks to Don for the idea, and LeeB for the implementation (in the next version, i'll ask her to put a 'made by LeeB' stamp on it) - and thanks to all of you for playing along. I've also added a little thumbnail thingy on the right hand side, so that it's always at your fingertips.

LeeB has kindly offered to update as others nominate themselves for inclusion - so lemme know.

updated from rimone in the comments

apparently there must be a map-war going on or something. LeeB's map and the Global Strike Force will prevail!)


rimone said...

lol, here be dragons (the world according to America).

Anonymous said...

hey- don't forget me!

(i'm in seattle)

- Jiminy Cricket

lukery said...

thnx jiminy!

you are in LeeB territory.

we didnt forget yuo - we just have an opt-in policy :-)

Don said...

Map 1: "Mouse Heads"!?!? LMAO!!!!

Map 2: I think my dot has me in PEI... or the Northumberland Strait, not sure... good think I drink *and* swim like a fish...

LeeB said...

Jiminy Cricket - Hi, neighbor! I'm on the Eastside (waving).

Don - which way should I nudge you? The scale of the map makes it sometimes tough to see what's what.

We aim to please! :-)

Rimone - your finds are hysterical. Are these from dubya's high school homework?

rimone said...

LeeB: LOL, they could be, right? i saw the 3rd map a few years ago on some site dissing the preznit and of course, i had to save it. i found the 1st map today on a British student's site.

i love your Lukery's World map--thank you. :-)

LeeB said...

Thanks, Rimone -
This project is fun to do!

Don said...

LeeB - About 7 pixels to the left on the 1024x574 map, and I'd be about in the right place.

On thinking, and drinking, I suspect the "Mouse Heads" should have been "Moose Heads", reference to the prodigious wildlife (and wilderness), and to a popular brewer of lager in Canada (one of whose brands is my numbness of choice).

Still, good for a laugh at 4 in the morning ADT... ;)

LeeB said...

Thanks, Don - I just sent an updated map to Luke. Your feet are now on dry land - hopefully closer to what you described here, but if not, just send me back to the drawing board. :-) (I should be running the vacuum but this is more fun.)

lukery said...

lol - i wondered what the hell 'mouse head' meant!

(btw - when you come visit at 4am, the GMT thing is rendered kinda useless - (and yuo arent the only one))

Kathleen said...

Wow, LeeB has put us on THE map.

Does it make anything if you connect the dots?

We ARE having fun with geographics, having a run on maps.

LeeB said...

Well ... as previously mentioned above, in North America we make a nice, all-inclusive pen for members of the American Talibangelist Movement.

Heh . . .