Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hartmann interview

* LeeB sez that you should listen to Thom Hartmann today (mp3 here - available till 9am on the left coast):
"There is a blockbuster interview at the beginning of the third hour. I didn't catch the author's name, but he is an expert on serial killers and was on the program promoting his new book. Thom asked him about dubya and what came out of that man's mouth was simply stunning. Then, there was another good interview following this one and yet another one -- with Wayne Madsen about HIS book about the BCFEE -- in the last half of the third hour.... The last hour is a succession of WTFs!"
I have a copy of the interview. will report back.

* LeeB has also updated the Global Strike Force - adding chris from The Liberal Post. Welcome Chris (thnx LeeB)

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