Saturday, August 19, 2006

i bent over but didn't get promoted

im struggling a bit to keep up with stuff - here's something:
damien said...

There's no doubt in my mind though that Chertoff took the el-Amir case on instructions from higher ups, both as a payback for bribes paid by el-Amir to the repugs and to cover up the HMO fallout. He would have known he was tarnishing his reputation by taking the case because the House International Committee had previously determined that el-Amir was funding al Qaeda, a by then known terrorist organisation. Plus, el-Amir was officially "poor" at that stage (the only sin in repug world). So the Chertoff participation was dirty in my mind, no question.

Here is the Florida connection. It's indirect. El-Amir donated $5000 to arms trafficker Diaa Mohsen, who along with Pakistan's ISI agent Mohamed "Mike" Malik were seeking to pay $32 million for illegal arms purchases via a number of Florida banks. FBI informant Randy Glass, who was part of the under-cover operation to stop this, was told by Dr. Elamir that Moshen was "a family friend."

Moshen and Malik used Florida bank accounts when trying to obtain these illegal arms."After 9/11, both men pled guilty to violating arms laws. But remarkably, even though they were apparently willing to supply America's enemies with sophisticated weapons, even nuclear weapons technology, Mohsen was sentenced to just 30 months in prison. And Malik? Mysteriously, his sentence remains under seal. And he appears to be a free man."

Oh, yeah, Chertoff was big time for shutting down every terrorist financing inquiry under the sun. Here are two good articles on him: (link) (link)

And there's still enough dodginess in Florida to go around.

it's been widely documented that egadministration officials get promoted and/or freedom medals. at some point, it must start to get really crowded at the top, no?

when do we see some 'whistleblower' come out and say 'i bent over but didn't get promoted'?

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