Monday, August 07, 2006

I need to know what Sibel Edmonds knows

* emptywheel:
"We're the most powerful country in the world. But we can't even keep the power running to some of our most critical defense infrastructure. Welcome to the New Pathetic American Empire."
* if you missed Larisa's huffpo post yesterday about Mel Gibson et al, go read. (the comments there are interesting too)

* jeralyn:
"Columnist Bob Novak reports today that he has confirmed Rudy Giuliani will run for President. I'd take ten Liebermans over one Giuliani any day, so if this is true, it's dismal news"
* apparently there's a song called 'Sibel Edmonds' - who knew? it is on Neil Young's list of Protest Songs. You listen to the song here , and give them your rating. (or try here)
the chorus is:
"I need to know what Sibel Edmonds knows. And so do you!"

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