Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm really close to actually hating Bush

as i noted yesterday, i have house guests.

i've always considered Husband to be a Willy Loman type, sans tragedy, sans complexity. He's a 65 year old insurance salesman - everything is 'terrific' and 'i've never been better' and all the rest.

i knew that i was gonna have dinner with them tonight, and have been wondering all day whether they'd bring up 911pressfortruth again.

no word of it during dinner as they recounted various stories from their day.
when i left the dinner table and said good night, Husband blurts out:
"You know, I've been thinking about that movie all day... My dad always taught me not to hate anybody - but I'm really close to actually hating Bush... I can't believe what he's done... I really get the sense that something's gonna change, soon. Things can't continue like this. When people see this movie..."
this from a guy, as i said yesterday, who had never really thought about whether he liked Bush or not.

congratulations kyle.

on a related note, there's one weird part of the documentary where a reporter asked Bush why he ordered up the Aug6 PDB, and Blinky responded something along the lines 'i asked for it because of a bunch of reasons, including the threat reports from Genoa'

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but either Husband or Wife said 'it might have been better if they got Preznit Blinky there instead'

this is quite remarkable - because a) i've never previously heard either of them advocate for the assasination of anyone and b) it happens quite early in the film.

the other reason i mention this is because i'd always presumed that a PDB was something passive that was 'delivered' to the president - yet the reporter asked why bush asked for this, and bush replied that he did indeed ask for it. weird. and it also appears to conflict with suskind's description of Bush's dismissal of that particular briefing as CYA. any thoughts?

in any case, from my n=2 laboratory - the movie appears to have some staying power.

order it, organise a house party.

(oh - one other thing, yesterday during the viewing, i also thought that i heard some sniffly crying noises - but i was too polite to verify that. I cried repeatedly during my first (solo) viewing, and also yesterday. but that's mostly because i love osama, and i was so proud of all he has achieved, and also because he cleverly planned all of his escape routes when he was 'surrounded')


rimone said...

lukery: ...bush replied that he did indeed ask for also appears to conflict with suskind's description of Bush's dismissal of that particular briefing as CYA. any thoughts?'

he's trying to look all preznit'l and lying through what's left of his ugly teeth. i believe the so-far impeccable reputation of Suskind.

anyway, if he asked for it, why the 'you've covered your ass' comment when it was brought to his attention?


lukery said...

rimone - its weird - cos in the vid he's actually asked why he ordered the pdb on that topic - and then he answers as tho he was did in fact ask for it.

to me, the implicit assumption behind a DAILY briefing is that it kinda happens on schedule, without the pres asking for a specific thing. so why did the reporter ask this question? and why did bush validate the assumption behind it?

rimone said...

cuz they told him to? and they're all fulla shit anyway?