Tuesday, August 22, 2006

inbred witchbag of bad religion and White Pride

* driftglass:
"It was the custom of the time to pursue an almost endless variety of “Runaway Blond” and “Shark Attack” stories, while maintaining a bonelessly deferential approach to Real News when that news was embarrassing to the White House. For years, the MSM maintained an almost literal embargo on reporting the criminal activities, lies, scandals and public treacheries of the Bush Administration and substituted for fact and truth, ephemeral trivia, destined to perish in a few weeks; but that custom appears to be passing away."
* driftglass, smcd:
"But (Chris) Wallace, being a Fox News husk and Conservative stool sample, is a typical Right Wing fainting-couch coward.

Remember always that Modern Republicans despise this country.


And anyone with a conscience and a functional cerebral cortex has already been centrifuged out of that inbred witchbag of bad religion and White Pride, leaving behind a reeking residue of pantywaist La-Z-Boy Patriots who will cheerfully dump children and cash down the Iraqi rathole forever….so long as it is other people’s money.

And other people’s children.

“Brave” is not heaving children into the woodchipper because you’re too gutless to admit you fucked up. “Brave” is making the hard call when it might cost you, and cost you dearly."
"Again (McCain) blinks out semaphore to his Dear Leader on camera that he will gladly trade in his rusted out “Straight Talk Express” for the keys Karl Rove's Pretty Hate Machine.

Which is why John McCain dutifully knobs Jerry Falwell’s lap bishop and sides with the vile religious extremists who have destroyed his Party.

And why he spent a large lump of his Sunday teevee face-time seeing how much further up Dubya’s spider hole he can crawl.

What a pathetic creature McCain has become. What a desperately sad, shapeless slithery caricature of his former, endoskeletally-endowed self he has become.

Principle gone. Rationale gone.

Nothing left now but unbounded ego entombed in a chitinous Brooks Brothers shell, and an unalloyed lust for power that he sees slipping away forever. A tired old man, drained of any vestige of purpose, now shitting his political Depends and shedding his honor like an albatross while he sprints for a bus that is pulling away without him.

Screaming, “Wait. Wait. God Damn It! Don’t you know who I am!!”

Yes, Senator. We now know exactly who you are."
"Is there anyone left outside the Cheneybunker who takes seriously anything these same stump-stubborn, lemming-stupid Neocons say anymore? This Neoconfederacy of Dunces who, since before Day One, have been utterly, fatally wrong about every single one of the Arrogant Declarative pronouncement they have made regarding every single strategic, tactical, political, geopolitical, economic, and historic detail of this debacle?"

* driftglass:
"Because the Stupid Men at the top cannot admit failure and, oh, say, fire Don Fucking Rumsfeld without loss of face. They can take no corrective action because to do so they would have to confront the fact that everything their critics and opponents said was true, and everything their allies and friends have told them has been a lie.

And the dread of copping to that level of incompetence and cupidity -- of having to own up to being every inch the dribbling, inept idiot that the rest of the world outside his bubble already knows he is -- is a thing no Stupid Man with Power will ever, ever do.

They would rather die first. Or, more accurately, they would let the world die first.

So instead they redouble the bet, pour more money down the rat-hole, and fire the last, few, honest men within the organization who still dare to speak the truth and who still might be able to salvage the situation if given half a chance."

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Kathleen said...


McCain always was a stool sample, so there's no old self to return to. He only signed onto Russ Feingold's campaign finance reform bill to have an excuse to challenge W to the nomination. He never intended to abide by it.

Even before he set his sights on the WH, he was a bloated ego, with a trigger temper and a greasy palm. My experience of him was over Native Americans in his State. Not pretty.