Friday, August 18, 2006

Iran Sought Significant Quantities of Uranium from Africa

* pach at fdl:
"Harry, Chuck, Nancy, Rahm: it’s time to get on board, for real. For extra credit, give Sister Joe a wedgie: ask him publicly if he supports the federal judge’s ruling that the NSA warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional. C’mon: you won’t believe how fun it is! If he supports the court, his new wingnut friends will abandon him and look for a true authoritarian cultist candidate, instead of mamby pamby faithless Joe. If he comes out against the ruling, you have a true accountability narrative to buttress your "new direction" theme for November. See how easy this is?"

* clemons:
"John Bolton never misses a chance to set the UN up for failure. That's his job, as Dick Cheney sees it.

A successful operation in Lebanon -- before the November elections -- would be bad for the President, and John Bolton knows who butters his bread."

* emptywheel:
"It seems Arianna hasn't disbanded her impressive network of Judy Miller sources. She reports "At 7:30 this morning, John Bolton was having breakfast at Oscar's at the Waldorf with Judy Miller."
I suspect the White House (and AIPAC) is taking care of putting lipstick on the Boltonian pig for the Senate. Bolton is no doubt focusing on the task at hand, the reason they've placed him at the UN--preventing peace from breaking out in the Middle East."

* ACW via emptywheel:
"Iran Sought Significant Quantities of Uranium from Africa"
- except it didnt. not significant, not Iran.

* salon:
"It became nearly impossible for the Canton, Ohio, school board to ignore the unintended byproducts of its abstinence-only program when 13 percent of Timken High School's female student population became pregnant last year."

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