Friday, August 11, 2006

Iraq slips from Terror Turbo into Civil War Reverse

* drifty, comin down (late):
"U.S. Dudgeon General Condolezza Rice talks to kids about War. That as Life begins exactly halfway between the first mojito and penetration, so Democracy begins at Election. And even though Iraq has a Blastocyst Gummint – a cluster(fuck) of undifferentiated, sectarian cells – they’re alive I tell’s ya!
The meta-theme today was the Name Game.

The wingnut game of "How can we keep not calling what is going on in Iraq a Civil War." It is the murderously insane endgame of the kind of “thinking” that has been the lynchpin of the Rove Presidency: If you just keep calling bolt-cutter castration “lemonade”, Republicans – being mostly one breed of idiot or lunatic or another – will line right up to have their dicks cut off because they’re so darned thirsty.

In other words, it is important to understand that “civil war” in this context has nothing to do with any military definition – it is a political term.

As you no doubt have noticed, the GOP gets quite extravagantly frisky inventing out of whole cloth the idea of linking every mugging in Mindanao with Iraq and Lebanon and declaring the status quo to World War III. And yet, at exactly the same time scampering like scalded mouse babies away from calling the Civil War in Iraq…a Civil War in Iraq.


Well you must remember that those still standing by this White House are congenital liars. Or insane. Or evil. Or mean drunk on bad religion. Take your pick: it’s 37 different flavors of shithouse rat crazy over there – served up cafeteria-style – but what they all know is that the minute the public perception of Iraq slips from Terror Turbo into Civil War Reverse, we’re outta there.

Because while the general public may not know the Maginot Line from the Electric Slide, they all know – under their skin and deep in their Vietnam RNA – that Americans do not belong in the middle of another country’s shooting gallery.

Because Americans can do nothing but die uselessly in someone else’s civil war.

Which is why the Right is hysterical not to call it that. But WWIII? Hey, then it’s “Everybody into the pool!”

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