Thursday, August 03, 2006

Italy's Watergate

* Slate:
" (When asked whether he had discussed (SISMI-Gate) at the G8 summit with President Bush, Italy's new Prime Minister Romano Prodi quipped that Bush probably doesn't even know "the initials" of Italy's spy agency, Sismi.) But this is Italy's Watergate. It has already revealed in unprecedented detail the anatomy of an extraordinary rendition. And it raises serious doubts about the Bush administration's "just trust us" insistence that behind the veil of secrecy, espionage is an honest, upstanding business.
The head of Sismi, Nicolo Pollari, has escaped arrest thus far. But he is alleged to have personally run the secret spy shop, and his assurances earlier this year that he knew nothing of the Omar rendition appear less credible every day. More troubling still, last Friday, a security official at Telecom Italia named Adamo Bove, who had been assisting Spataro's team in monitoring Mancini's phone, left his Naples apartment, telling his wife he had to run an errand, and threw himself off a highway overpass. Police have launched an investigation into what they're calling "instigation to suicide."

It will take time for investigators to determine what happened to Bove, and to sift through the secret dossiers removed from Via Nazionale. But already one thing is clear: The secrecy surrounding the espionage profession is a constant temptation to corruption."
lovely SNAP by prodi. if he's willing to trash PreznitBlinky like in public, i suspect that he might be happy to use other tools in his arsenal to, ahem, restrict the POTUS. Fun!

* i'm not sure if i pointed to this before - but don and damien are discussing the 911/pentagon thing here. i don't really have a position on it - but there appears to be some questions. xymphora is of the 'no plane' ilk - and the lack of footage is odd - and i cant even get my head around the fact that the end of the moussaoiu trial appears to have somehow been a green light to release a whole bunch of new stuff - from pentagon footage to the latest tapes that we've seen today.


rimone said...

lovely SNAP by prodi.

i forgot where i read it (sometime this morning) but i came across a rundown of smirkey's leaving the G8 the other week and how they wanted to continue talking but of course, he had other priorities. damn...i should bookmark more stuff than i do.

lukery said...

in that video with Blinky talking thru his breadroll - he was like 'err - do i have to listen to other people?'

re bookmarking - if you use google.desktop you can find stuff easier and you also make it easier for them to spy on you

damien said...

Rumsfeld:"Yeah. And then came in about—between about the first and second floor over here. And it went in through three rings. I’m told the nose is—is still in there, very close to the inner courtyard, about one ring away." (ABC News SHOW: Good Morning America (6:00 AM ET) - ABC September 13, 2001 Thursday)

Rumsfeld is describing how the nose cone of a 757 which is made of carbon fibre material similar to this crashed 100 metres through this - and was "still in there". hmm...

PentagonResearch provides a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the crash, for those interested. They discuss the exit hole and the building performance study (bps) carried out by the American society of Civil Engineers - the official body assigned to assessing the Pentagon damage. Only the team leader was given limited access initially, mostly external to the building, between Sept 14 - 21. Full access to the damaged area was provided for the bps team for four hours only on Oct 4. Almost all of the information used by the 9/11 Commission regarding the damage to the Pentagon was from this pbs report.

Kathleen said...

Loved Prodi's quip and you can be sure every other European leader thinks Dopey is an idiot too, including Blair.

What an embarrassment that jerk is, on a good day.

lukery said...

thnx D.

Kathleen - i wish more of the euroleaders would make their observations in public like prodi :-)