Saturday, August 12, 2006

Josh: Fuck Lieberman

* josh:
"And yesterday, after I saw Greg Sargent's update that Lieberman was going down the 'A win for Lamont will be a victory for the terrorists' track, I ... wrote something to the effect of, "I've always liked Joe, but with this 'victory for the terrorists', it's enough. F--k him."
But now Lieberman is not only running as the de facto Republican in the race, he's running as the worst sort of Republican, going on the trail claiming that any serious questioning of our policy in Iraq is a victory for the terrorists, even pulling in yesterday's terror plot take-down into his angle against Lamont. With Lamont, those guys might have blown up the plane. Leaving Iraq is a win for the terrorists. A Lamont win is a win for the terrorists.
So it's not just about the independent candidacy any more. It's about him. Enough. Just leave."

* josh:
"Grover Norquist on the Dems' iron wall on Social Security: ""The Democrats cannot be bribed, cajoled or threatened into voting for Social Security reform -- it can't happen.""

* via Laura:
" A veteran Hill staffer...: "Whatever the culpability of the members and staff of the intel committee (and it is beginning to look like there may have been more than I would have imagined), they do get major credit in my book for doing an investigation and getting to the bottom of what went on," he adds. "That stands in stark contrast with the other committee that is involved in this mess." That other committee would be Jerry Lewis' appropriations committee; one is only left to wonder why Lewis is not more anxious for there to be an investigation of the alleged potential corruption of the House Appropriations committee's work, after one of its members, Cunningham, admitted taking $2.4 million in bribes from those he delivered contracts to."

* emptywheel: "So were Burtt and Hefferon ousted (from CIFA), or are they getting out before the Democrats get subpoena power before the Cunningham scandal exposes some new abuse on privacy while the getting is good?"

* is anyone confident about the ceasefire?

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Anonymous said...

lieberman the fucking douchebag for 3 terms is going down down down!