Friday, August 18, 2006

judy miller aint no ordinary journalist.

* in response to my 'omg i have a crush on emptywheel' post, a reader sent in this pic. oh ew, let me count the ways... cool shoes and everythink!

* in unrelated news, my FP'ing of Noise's comment re Judy Miller's career highlights brought this anon comment:
"Judy Miller may also come into the Larry Franklin case. According to the indictment, on June 3, 2003, Franklin met with "FO-3" (identified as Naor Gilon, then political officer at the Israeli embassy) to discuss "a specific person, not in the United Status government, and her thoughts concerning the nuclear program of the Middle Eastern country and, separately, certain charity, efforts in Foreign Nation A." This is likely to have referred to Judy Miller, who was then working with Chalabi and Rhode on the Iraqi Jewish Archive.

There's also the interesting factoid that Miller finally agreed to testify in the Plame investigation on September 29, 2005 -- the same day that the New York Times reported Larry Franklin was about to plead guilty."
thnx anon - you are right that Miller is knee deep in the franklin case too. if memory serves, justin or someone else at awc specifically 'proved' that this was indeed Miller. i was unaware of the 'factoid' - at the moment, i can't even get my head around the implications, if any. does anyone have any speculation about that?

archie in the comments points to this 'floating knesset' story. emptywheel dealt with that story here.

i'm also reminded of the story that judy happily accepted an invitation to watch the torture interrogation of someone or other.

judy miller aint no ordinary journalist. that's for sure.


rimone said...

i absolutely love emptywheel and bow down to her brain, her analysis and her being so articulate but truth be told, i'm disappointed at her shoes.

boooor-ing! *in a Homer voice*

i would've loved to see her wearing something really mean and pointy-toed and/or punky. y'know something like anything on this page, for example. (i've got the 2nd pair o' boots.

i'd even love to see her wearing Cons (a la me and Hunter S Thompson and scores of punks worldwide).

no disrespect to ew's shoe choice; everyone's different and i'm aware that to be taken seriously in the states, one must try to fit in as unobtrusively as possible.

and i don't blame anyone else, anyone here or anywhere for no longer, as Jimi sang, flying their freak flags.

as old as i am, i have no such problems hiding my image--then again, i'm living in a country where they don't give a shit about one's outside--it's the inside that counts. the other day, my neighbor told me that 'old punks' are looked up to here--music to my ears. as well, i'm not attempting to rally the masses, as others are; if i were, y'all would see me uncomfortably dressed in 'corporate casual' *puke*

rimone said...

about judith miller, mark my words--they'll slip her nne of those now-meaningless medals of freedom or honor or whatever.


emptywheel said...

Thanks to archie for that link. You've proven what I have long suspected. Harold Rhode was present when Judy Miller "found" a uranium document alleging an offer of Congolese uranium (from a non-producing mine) to Iraq, planted with either the word "jihad" (Judy's version) or "mujahedeen" (the ISG's version).

And as to my shoes, rimone, I have to confess I'm a bit of a crunchy girl, particularly since I left SF and now live in the wholesome Midwest. Finding shiny orange shoes was such a treat for me, because I could basically wear sneakers while looking like I had dressed up for Vegas. I do, in fact own Cons, but they're red. I was dressing in DKos orange. It might salvage my wardrobe taste to know I had on a "Marion's Butane" bowling shirt to go with the shiny shoes. Maybe?

lukery said...

lol. i loved the shoes, and i also love women wearing boots.

i love my Blunnies

ew - i missed that Rhode reference. thanks.

ewastud said...

Carl Bernstein pointed out in his famous Rolling Stones magazine article in 1977 about CIA and intelligence infiltration into journalism and the mass media. We have no better candidate for spook "journalist" today than Judith Miller. What's more, I understand her father is well connected to the Gambino mafia crime family. I think most readers of this blog are already familiar with how closely associated the CIA has been with the mafia, even since WWII and "Lucky" Luciano's work with the CIA and bringing back narcotics promotion and trafficking, which was waning during the depression years, according to Alfred McCoy's excellent book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.

lukery said...

ewastud. thnx for that. didn't know about judy's dad.

btw - can we add you to our Global Strike Force ?

rimone said...

EW, you could either go barefoot or be wearing 'fuck me' stiletto heels and i'd still bow down to (and voraciously devour) what's inside your head as well as all that you've already written.

LeeB said...

EW: What Rimone said.

lukery said...

what LeeB said

rimone said...

emptywheel can absolutely do no wrong. it was just my still-immature image-thing coming out as i love to imagine those i hold in the highest esteem, giving the redstate world a 'fuck you' attitude, not only w/their intelligence, but w/their personal appearance.

then again, i live in a dreamworld here (and so happy i don't have to hide my image as i was forced to in the states, in order to be taken seriously).

now i feel guilty...i pray i haven't hurt her feelings.

ps, i haven't commented once at her site--i feel i'm too damn stoopit. there, i've said it.