Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lamont supports Israel in Lebanon

* Howie at fdl:
"Sherrod (Brown) is doing well in the polls and looks like he’ll be trading his House seat for a Senate seat in November, but he isn’t leaving anything to chance."
Brown is running against DeWine, a dirty-dozener (like Joenertia)

* howard dean:
"After his loss, Joe Lieberman announced his intention to run as an independent. That's the wrong thing to do.
* athenae:
"What Ned Lamont's campaign did, and the reason it was so strenuously supported by those of us who've been calling for change within the party for years, is simply say the things that candidates afraid of Bush refuse to say. Every day, that campaign pushed the message: sick of your president, his policies, his wars, his impoverishment of you and yours? I know most of you are. Here's how to fix that: elect people who'll do something in Washington other than suck his face.

Joe Lieberman would have been plenty content to win his primary from a bar in DC. Plenty of Democrats like to take potshots at their foes from a distance. Ned Lamont and his backers waded right into the crowds with signs and questions and the Kiss Float, and it rolled them all the way to victory.

That's how we beat them in November. By pasting the face of every Democrat's opponent over the face Bush is kissing on, and following the guy around with it, to every rally, every speech, every hot dog stand and baseball game. By building floats."
* tbogg notes that lamont has a mandate.

* according to cnn, 2/3rds of dead israelis in this war are soldiers.

* rmadison:
" And Israel's policy is so clearly the policy of the Bush Administration it's impossible now to even conjecturally slip a piece of paper between them. Yet Ned Lamont supports Israel and what it is doing.

We won?

Sure, sanctimonious Joe, the man who kissed Bush and called everyone who disagreed with him on Iraq an extremist, is gone. Sure, Lamont doesn't like the war in Iraq anymore than I do.

But is Lamont a progressive? Trading one white male millionaire for another in Connecticut is a victory? Since when did we move the goal-posts all the way down to their end of the field? Lamont supports Israel in Lebanon as fervently as Bush does."

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