Monday, August 07, 2006

a lamont win will be a disaster for democrats

* apparently it'll be a disaster for Dems if lamont wins on tuesday. in other news, the repuglicans are all rooting for lieberman.

* lieberman / lamont on stephanopolous. vid here.

* sirota:
"This is what it all comes down to, folks. Washington lobbyists, Enron shills, and right-wing neoconservative ideologues in D.C. will keep showering Lieberman in cash and praise because Lieberman has served them so obediently over the years. And they are afraid that Lamont might actually be a Senator who represents ordinary people that they could not control.
That is what this race is all about. That is why the Washington cocktail party circuit is freaking out as never before. They know that this could be the beginning of the end of the era where American politics is their exclusive property, where public policy is handed down from their gated communities in Northern Virginia, and where the future of this country is decided in air conditioned office suites on K Street. They are, in short, having a collective temper tantrum that small-d democracy actually still exists in America. And come Tuesday, if we work as hard as possible, we're going to show them that their panic is justified - because we're taking our country back."

* 12 angry driftglasses:
"And then, at last, the tide of facts becomes unstoppable.

All the furtive hatreds and clandestine pathologies that have Rushed us into War lay naked and eviscerated on the table, and a cooling, sobering reminder of what America is really supposed to stand for in the world has swept back through the room.

And the one who once led the mob stands exposed."


Don said...

In lighter news...

As reported by David DeGraw at Alternet, in the lead-up to MoveOn's Eli Pariser appearing on The Colbert Report this week, MoveOn and Brave New Films have launched the "Stop the Falsiness" campaign and online petition.

Their informational video features Pariser, Al Franken of Air America, David Brock of Media Matters, and Senator Russ Feingold calling down Colbert's 'Truthiness' for the 'Falsiness' it really is, and questioning (as DeGraw puts it) whether Colbert is merely "a pawn of the gun and/or picnic industry" for his relentless attacks on bears.

Go. Read. Learn. Sign.

(and smile wondering how many MSM talking heads, after the Wexxler thing, will trip themselves up again over this)

noise said...

We have no idea what Lamont will do if elected. He may not even win the general election. This is really about Democratic voters being sick of the lack of accountability for and lack of opposition to the Bush administration.

How many lives have been adversely affected because members of Congress refused to use their political power to challenge a corrupt administration?

And all these pundits are worried about Lieberman's political power? Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

lukery said...

noise - i feel your pain.

unfortunately 'congress' is part-and-parcel of the corrupt administration.

lukery said...

lol - thnx don

Kathleen said...

A disaster for Dems if Lamont wins???? Puhleeeze. It will be a disaster for the party pols who are more concerned with maintaining power within the party than actually winning.

The Dems are the disaster. After 9/11 they all did the Pavlovian thing and waved their little flags, wore their little flag lapel pins, voted our rights away in the name of security, didn't eeeeeven question the lack of pre 9/11 intel, voted us into war and laid right down on SCOTUS.

The disaster already happened, but Dems are just now getting their heads out of the sand and looking in the mirror. It's a scary sight, but easilly cured.

Just stand up and fight for the Bill of Rights. Stick strictly to the Constitution, how wrong can you go? It's not like we're asking Dems to LEAD or anything. We, the People, are already there, so they'll just be taking a big step, not leaping off a cliff.

The Pundits are nuts. Moving to the left is not going to hurt the Dems or the country. It might shake up the party leadership, but they gave up "leading" ages ago.

If you watch a pendulum, you will see it takes an impetus to set it into motion. It goes from one extreme to the other, gradually lessening the distance in each direction, until it comes to the center, where, it stops.

In politcs, that means stagnates if it stays there. No vitality, no operative dynamisms. After stagnation comes decay.

Are we there yet?

I don't know if Lamont will have the know how to combat Fla recount thugs, or if the Dem party will sit on its hands, if Joementum runs as an Indi. It's one thing to pay lip service to supporting the winner of the primary and another to crank up that old machine to full bore. There's a schism in the party between DLCers and Howard Dean. Let's hope they focus on regaining subpoena power.

I don't know what Lamont will do if he wins. His positions are pretty canned. Hope he doesn't go all cautious on us.

But if Lamont wins, Das Bush's birth state will send the idiot a clear message.

Expect a pink slip, round about November.

Don said...

Side note on something Jeralyn Merritt noted from Lieberman's rah-rah speech in New Haven on Sunday (she called it his one funny line):

I am the only Democrat in America to run against George Bush in a national election twice. I even beat him and Dick Cheney once, if all the votes had been counted.

Ummm... WTF? Did he just publicly say, in effect, "we wuz robbed in 2000"? Does he really believe it (and where the hell was this in November '00) or is he playing to the crowd after spending the last 3 years suction-lipped to the egadmin's collective ass?

lukery said...

don - i dont think that's new news. remember when the media companies did their own recount - something like 10 months later - and then buried the results....

lukery said...

kathleen - i trust you realize that i was being ironic... hence the 'apparently' and the 'in other news'

i have some hope that lamont will be an ok liberal senator - not necessarily because of 'lamont' - but if we take over the House and hopefully the senate, he will be seen as a leader in that 'anti-war' and 'liberal' movement - and there will be a lot of momentum... it'll be very easy for him to ride it if we have changed the narrative by november.

Kathleen said...

I mean cautious in this next phase. He's the star of the moment and could, if he thought of it, come up with some great positions on important issues and get a lot of press mileage because everyone is watching him. But I don't know if he has any developed positions. I'm eager to see more.

30,000 new Dems to vote in this. Many Indis changed.