Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman, Anti-Semitism , the Leftists, and marshall whitman.

* imagine if 60 million americans were 'displaced'

* josh:
" Tom DeLay is the Republican candidate for Congress this year in the 22nd district. The run for the hills routine didn't work after all."
so funny.

* josh updates his " core belief in the Zionist project" as predicted.

* billmon:
"But every word spoken by the respective sides since Sunday indicates that the Israelis and the Americans have reached a point where they both want a cease fire more badly than Hizbullah does. The Israeli papers have been filled with loose talk from Jerusalem about what a good deal the Anglo-French draft is for the Jewish State (or rather was, since it appears DOA.) Either the Israelis are being exceptionally crafty (i.e. they want Hizbullah to think they want a ceasefire when actually they don't) or they're just bad poker players. Under the circumstances, and given the growing hysteria about the IDF's inabilty to stop or even slow Hizbullah's rocket fire, I'd say it was the latter.
But I have to say, the spectacle of Israel's political and military establishment dancing anxiously on the diplomatic sidelines, hoping the U.N. Security Council will step in with a timely ceasefire, while their Arab enemy impassively declares his willingness to keep on fighting, is a sight I truly never expected to see.

To call it the world turned upside down doesn't do it justice by half."

* whitman:
"The degree of left hatred toward Joe sometimes betrays something deeper. One can see it on the threads on left wing web sites where they routinely refer to "Holy Joe" and charge him with dual loyalty to Israel. Anti-Semitism will often not speak its name directly, but there is a distinct undercurrent that may explain some of the irrational venom.

Anti-Semitism is certainly not a primary factor driving the opposition to Joe. But, it is there. If you seek hostility to Jews and Israel, you will find it in the same left wing blogosphere that spreads the vile venom against Lieberman.
And it means little that some of Lieberman's critics are themselves Jewish. For over three decades, the Moose has witnessed the phenomena when Jews on the left and decent leftists turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism for the "good of the greater cause." The New Left had in its ranks many Jews who were silent or even abetted this evil."


Miguel said...

If Israel drops a bomb on your house, kills your family, and you curse the pilot that dropped the bomb, will you be accused by the Neocons of being an "antisemite"?

lukery said...


and i'd go even further - it wouldnt just be the neocons.