Sunday, August 27, 2006

make her spend it all

* tpmm:
"What's more, it turns out (Katherine) Harris may not even have the money to fund her own self-destruction. The $10 million of her own money she promised to pour into her campaign -- which was necessary, because she couldn't raise outside funds to keep going -- doesn't exist, according to a new report.

Apparently, she doesn't stand to inherit money from her father's fortune, as she had said; it's all going to her mother.

As a result, Harris reportedly told her senior staff she would have to sell her numerous properties to come up with the money. Yet "[n]one of the properties have gone on the market," notes St. Petersburg Times reporter Anita Kumar, who broke the story.

"Republican operatives and political watchers say the Harris campaign may have seen the last of her personal resources," Kumar writes.

I understand there's a big swath of folks whose politics move them to hope she won't ever come to grips with her long odds, her money problems, and her cartoonish inability to portray herself as a viable candidate. But on a human level -- isn't it just a little bit sad to watch this?"
Nooooooooo. Not at all

* here's what I wrote in March when she made her announcement:
katherine harris was exquisite on hannity. didja notice that her $10mill is going into a fund for the last weeks of the campaign? she knows she is about to be indicted. brilliant. and she trashed her father in the meantime. no shame.
"judging from what i've seen so far, i don't think anyone noticed that little escape clause... she says "we're putting (the $10m) aside - we'll commit to use it at the end"

I'd love to know what sort of contingencies there are in her little 'donation' contract. i suspect there's an '...unless i'm indicted' clause, and an '...unless i withdraw' clause, and probably an '...if we are significantly behind in fundraising' clause etc etc

at this rate, i suspect there is less than a 1-in-4 chance that she spends the $10m"

make her spend it all

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