Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The not a Lobby

* bush on the war of terror, pre iraq invasion:
""At some point, we may be the only ones left," Bush told his closest advisers, according to an administration member who leaked the story to Bob Woodward. "That's okay with me. We are American.""

* billmon on mckinney and The not a Lobby

* emptypockets (via LeeB): "

A Lamont victory tonight is a nice milestone for political organizing by internet. But it's also worth marking another milestone, in the way that we're seeing primary day covered.

If you go to now, there is a link on the front page that takes you directly to entries in the New York Times' blog on the CT primary. Got that? The New York Times has a front-page blog. That didn't happen because they thought it was a good idea. It happened because they realized they're competing directly with sites like dKos for readers. We are the news media now. And reading the comments there shows how we've overtaken them in reporting.
We are approaching a point where we can respond as directly, and as visibly, to a NYTimes front-page article as we can to a dKos diary.
And what becomes immediately apparent in the comments are the three things that make bloggers better reporters than New York Times journalists are. (Skepticism , expertise, research)


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