Friday, August 18, 2006

nutbar conspiracy theorist

* Drum explains that it's near impossible to make tatp on a plane.

* and Drum again (cos i know that at least one of you love it):
"I can only quote Teresa Nielsen Hayden yet again: "I deeply resent the way this administration makes me feel like a nutbar conspiracy theorist.""
* Drum:
"Diplomacy is not, (Holbrooke) reminded Kristol, in and of itself a sign of weakness. Of course we should be willing to talk directly to Syria and Iran, rather than leaving the job to third parties that we don't really trust to represent our interests in the first place. Kristol could do little more than splutter that there was no point since these countries already knew what we wanted and should just go ahead and knuckle under right now. It displayed an appreciation of human nature and the realities of foreign affairs that a junior high school student would have gotten low marks for."
if i was bored and in need of a task, i'd check out how many of these blatering idiots have actually recently said that there's no point in talking to syria and iran 'because they already know what we want.' Frank Luntz actually decided that that was a good talking point. the only interesting question is who the intended audience is - and a quick survey of the possible alternatives suggests that the US public is the probable audience

* speaking of talking points, we don't hear much about massgraves in iraq any more.

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rimone said...

re TNH's quote which i've overused so much even i'm beginning to get bored w/it. anyway, if you or anyone can come up w/anything more cogent, believe me, i'll be quoting its ass off.

nyah, lukery--see? it's not only me. ;-)