Tuesday, August 01, 2006

pat roberts, hiding defects

* emptywheel:
"Pat Roberts, you see, has managed to hide all the defectors, both those who Bush listened to and those who Bush only partially listened to. It's utterly clear that their claims made it into some of the important speeches used to get us into war. But with the scope of even the investigations Roberts is stalling, he has guaranteed the real dirt will never come out."

* Walid Jumblatt (via ew):
"We have to acknowledge that (Hezbollah) have defeated the Israelis. It's not a question of gaining one more village or losing one more village. They have defeated the Israelis," he said. "But the question now is to whom Nasrallah will offer this victory."

* tpmm:
"The Bush administration may have broken over two dozen federal laws and regulations -- some of them multiple times -- according to an unreleased report from the House Judiciary Committee Democrats.

"The misconduct I have found is not only serious, but widespread," reads a draft summary of the report by Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI)
On their face, the laundry list of alleged wrongs form a natural basis for impeachment proceedings -- but Conyers has insisted he has no intention of rushing to impeach. No, a slow walk to possible impeachment (preferably down a path that includes months of hearings) is more what the would-be chairman envisions, he has said."

* awc via scott - hezbollah apparently kidnapped the soldier in israel

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