Monday, August 14, 2006

Republicans DO "care" a great deal about terrorism

* kagroX:
"All I know is that my father in-law, a sometimes Rush Limbaugh listener, just flew back to Dulles from Heathrow on Friday, with a copy of The Guardian under his arm, a declaration that American news coverage was dispicable, and pronouncing his readiness to impeach Bush."

* a commentor at EW's:
" I've been saying this since the run-up to Iraq. Bush needs and wants terrorism as much as any "Islamofascists." It wouldn't surprise me at all if the financing/masterminding of 9/11 was pulled off by the same "interests" (Saudi royals, American oil companies?) that put BushCo in power. Just ask yourself -- over the past five years, who's benefited the most from the War on Terror? And 9/11 didn't have to be an elaborate plot to secretly blow up the towers, with conspirators all over the administration. All it took was money and ideas, put in the right place (Al Qaeda) by one or two wealthy sociopaths like say, Richard Mellon Scaife, who bankrolled the Clinton impeachment, which was the beginning of the same plan to ensure permanent power for the extreme right wing. Call me a looney conspiracy theorist with a tin-foil hat (the right wing would) but it sure sounds more plausible to me than Al Qaeda being a completely independent organization with no ties to any other political interests"

* LeeB is of the same mind:
"It has long been my belief that these people "care" a great deal about terrorism . . .

Where the rest of us set ourselves up for mystification and bafflement is the very spot where we assume, contrary to all the evidence, that they care about STOPPING terrorism. They do not.

For them, terrorism is a necessary component in their plan for world domination. What most sane people describe as "incompetence" on the part of the bu$h/DarthCheney regime is actually planned strategy toward unthinkable goals.

If we continue to allow ourselves to deny the unthinkable, we continue to enable this criminal cabal to pursue its plans for empire.

They remain rigid in their thinking because they are achieving their goals with exactly that thinking.

The best thing the U.S. could do - and the fastest way to regain some decent standing in the world - is to turn these criminals over to The Hague on charges of crimes against humanity."

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