Monday, August 14, 2006

shiny round numbers

i added a statcounter to my blog in march of last year. i never added a visible counter to the site - cos i think they are kinda dumb for a bunch of different reasons. however - in the next few hours i'm going to clock over to 200,000 page loads - so i've added a visible counter (probably temporary) over on the right hand side there and one of you will be the lucky visitor! oooh - round numbers! shiny!

as i've oft-noted, google is very 'friendly' to me - therefore 200,000 vastly overstates my audience - but there's 100 or so of you who tune in every day - and now with the GlobalStrikeForce in place, i guess we kinda punch above our weight :-)

I think i'm probably the first blogger to ever say this - but our team is the best eva!

* laura:
"I assumed this was a joke. But Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his handlers have apparently started a blog. Maybe it is a joke. The top question at the English part of the site, at which you can vote, is, "Do you think that the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another word war?""
as luck would have it - it appears that Lamont's crack web team has havked into the site and it is suffering from intermittent problems. (i betchya $1000 that i'm like the 500th person to make that joke)


romunov said...

I'm 200001!

lukery said...

so close!

200001 - a space odyssey!

i was hoping you'd show up - can we add you to the globalstrikeforce map? you'd own a whole region all to yourself :-)

Miguel said...

Luke, I think you need to give a hat tip to some people we know are reading this blog every day, but either do not post or if they do so, they post anonymously. I will list their names with what I think is there opinion of your work-

Melek and Douglas Dickerson= "@#%! conspiracy theorist!"

J. Dennis Hastert- "I didn't take a stinkin' dime from those Turks!"

Ahmed Chalabi- "Can I get a picture of this guy? Is he good looking?"

George W. "Blinky" Bush- Mr. Ryland, either you are with me or you are with the TERRISTS.

lukery said...


beer, meet keyboard

rimone said...

i totally agree w/your 'i never added a visible counter to the site - cos i think they are kinda dumb for a bunch of different reasons'

some of my reasons have to do w/competition v. cooperation and the rest have to do w/the egos of some site-owners (not talking about you, dude). gonna mail you in a second or two about this (i have huge issues w/the current number 200,146). xxx

Kathleen said...

This is all ovah my head Luke, but you and Rimone have commented on greater activity at your site and I'm wondering how you can tell that and what you think is stimulating that interest? I found you round about Mar. through the ImpeachPac, my favorite topic.

I kept coming back for a few reasons. I liked your choice of articles. I liked the fact that you always respond, so it's like a conversation, instead throwing ideas into some huge wastebaket in cyberspace. I like your wryness. It's just right.

I like our group of commenters and the fact that we talk to each other. Makes it feel like a friendship, with people helping each other understand and how to work together on issues that concern us. I've learned so much from everyone commenting and am grateful for the info and insights.

Maybe it's me, but sometimes on other sites commenters feel like they are having a contest on who is the smartest or something. Our group feels like a team, cooperating and working together. (cept when WakeUp got on my butt.,)but even that was instructive in an unpleasant sort of way.

So like Goldilocks, I like Baby Lukery's place best, so I save it for dessert.

lukery said...

kathleen - the reason that traffic has increased is because you lot seem to have developed a bond, of sorts, and becuase you all say smart stuff - as you say.

WakeUp was indeed grating, and still helpful.

rimone said...

Kathleen: greater activity at your site and I'm wondering how you can tell that

you can look at your own statistics, usually provided by the people hosting your site (dunno about blogger).

i'm totally w/Kathleen on her last 3 'graphs apart from i come here for morning coffee et al.

lukery said...

i'm here morning noon & night :-)

rimone said...

well, apart from morning coffee which i'm slurping as we speak, i check in a few times later on during the day. nyah. :-)

ps, thank you for fucking w/the comments so they give the date as well as the time.