Sunday, August 20, 2006

someone save me. i'm deep into anthrax / mobile weapons lab territory. again.


Simon said...

"deep in territory"

Me too. A man from the Beeb came visiting this week to have a chat and pick my brains (slightly). Seems they are putting a series of four parts together for output sometime after Christmas. All about the conspiracy theories surrounding Dr K, Diana etc. He didn't give much away but you can be assured I put my ten-penny-worth in. Have to wait and see where they go with it...

lukery said...

urgh - sounds yukky

my latest starting point is here

emptywheel said...


I've been meaning to send you that link.

I'm working on the underlying white paper, should have something tomorrow on it (gotta relive Judy's A1 cutout theory before she strikes again, for Bolton). I look foward to seeing your take on the review of it.

lukery said...

o h jeebus - i just stumbled on it today - and i was like 'omg - must send this to ew and simon' - but then figured i'd try to make sense of it in the interim - and have been re-reading my other related posts (and others) and trying to make sense of it all.

it truly is back-down-the-rabbit-warren stuff.

here's the raw data i was working off

i hadnt realised that laura was also on the story way back then

and then there's this way-fucked up story from vanity fair

i'm more than happy for you to pre-empt me on any of this - but the latest 'solution' from leitenberg seems bunk - for a bunch of reasons. first, he presumes that the nyt is legit (without acknowledging that nyt=judy') - and secondly, he doesnt seem to realise that there's a 2nd lab that hatfill was involved with.

again, im still trying to piece it together - so dont quote me.

there's also the weird B'nai B'rith connection. the only three occasions ive come across this group are judy, david, and hatfill

we also get a weird confluence in zimbabwe - abramoff was also involved in this universe. but MUCH weirder is the connection to wilkes. as i've documented, the wilkes lobbying company GroupW had four people - wilkes, michael mack, joel combs, and whatshername who married the local rep. mack and combs both worked on anthrax projects for US MAIL before joining wilkes.

its 2am and bed time here - but feel free to use any/all/some of this - i'll try to piece it together tomorrow - i have most of the post already in place.

feel free to use my other posts on the labs etc - they'd be nothing without either of you
start here

till tomorrow, must sleep

Simon said...

Let us just pretend that the US has been researching state-of-the-art anthrax production despite every bio-weapon convention that ever existed.

Let us just pretend that some of the educated 'workers' involved in this are just a bit pissed about it cos it goes against every humanist sentiment and conviction they ever held.

Let us just pretend (or try to forget) that an insane day occurred just under 5 years ago that led some to believe that WWIII was just about to erupt.

Let us just imagine that someone somewhere wanted to pre-empt this in some way by declaring the reality of the fact that the US was doing what Saddam wasn't doing to the rest of the world.

Let us just imagine how f***ed up this scenario is.

Let us just imagine that Howard Hughes went insane because he was in a position to learn significant details about a much earlier US bio-weapons programme, and this knowledge scared him to his eventual death, turning him into an untouchable recluse along the way.

Let us just imagine that this couldn't ever happen again...

lukery said...

ftr, yesterday i said that michael mack worked on anthrax for uspost. i may have been mistaken. i did find someone by that name who did that work, but i can't remember if i ever tied that back to the same person.

lukery said...

simon - interesting. i dont really know the Hughes story (man, there's so much i don't know)

your scenario doesnt seem to quite add up - will give it some more thought. here's a question - was it inevitable that the anthrax would be shown to be from or perhaps that's 2 questions - the first one being does the particular anthrax that was used have a signature that specifically demonstrates that it was

rimone said...

lol, Simon, you'll be entering a world of pain the second i see you. get ready to be questioned mercilessly as i glue your ass to the chair here and demand answers.

of course, i'm kidding (kinda). but as a Leo, i'm a very curious kitty.

rimone said...

about anthrax, this past january i read in New Scientist how US gov't/military was creating and stockpiling their own. NS was PISSED. can't find the exact article online now but this is the closest i could get: US army plans to bulk-buy anthrax

lukery said...

did rimone and simon actually organise a get-together?

Simon said...


By all accounts the US attack anthrax was an Ames variety which had previously been sent to a number of labs for their own uses. It was supposedly an especially pure high-grade military variety. I did have a good link for details about this but I haven't got it at my fingertips right now, I will try to find it again shortly. But as I recall, the fact that it came from the US doesn't exactly mean it was wholly

A quick look at the various theories so far:

1/ Mad/sane scientist demonstrating the US's malfeasance with anthrax production.

2/ An attempt to frame Iraq for anthrax production but carried out by parties with no knowledge of UNSCOM/UNMOVIC findings.

3/ An attempt to terrorise the US population into accepting the GWOT.

4/ An actual terror attack by an unknown party a la OKC, maybe even an internal US one.

None of the above actually stand up as a simple and complete explaination, being as there was the complication of a mix of both real and fake anthrax involved in the mailings. Conjecture could lead one to suggest that elements of all four scenarios might possibly exist, making this an especially complex plot. WTF?

(The first Lukery Land meet-up is all arranged to take place later this week. We'll let you know how we get on!)

Simon said...

Anthrax linky

LeeB said...

"(The first Lukery Land meet-up is all arranged to take place later this week. We'll let you know how we get on!)"


All because Don shot his keyboard off about time zones!

lukery said...

thnx simon

lukeryland meets meat-space. who'da thunk it?

damien said...

...some more anthrax links: 1 2

rimone said...

lukery: did rimone and simon actually organise a get-together?

lol, we met and YOU didn't, nyah. ;-)

lukery said...

VERY jealous!

(would also have loved to be a fly on the wall!)

rimone said...

lukery: VERY jealous!

my work here is done. *preening* lol

rimone said...

oh btw, they have this fantastic invention called 'aeroplanes,' Luke.

just sayin' :-)

lukery said...


is that where snakes are?