Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SOS Bruce McPherson

* calipendence on CA50:
"The plot is thickening too now. Today, there's new news to this story that Hastert may have rationalized his "swearing in" session by a letter from APPOINTED California SOS Bruce McPherson's office that uses the partial results to say that Brian Bilbray "won" and that this will be his "defense" saying that the state (aka Mr. McPherson and his secretary) certified the election with that communique. This is getting VERY convoluted!

Hopefully we'll get a good ruling tomorrow here!"
fingers crossed for tomorrow. the situation there is diabolical. that whole mock swearing-in thing was mindblowing.


calipendence said...

Folks, Democracy died here today in San Diego... Or at least took a big step in that direction. With what the judge did today in dismissing this case, he basically gave folks like Dennis Hastert the right to in effect declare someone running for congress the winner before votes are counted or certified and after that's done, there's nothing that can be done about it. Yuri Hoffman in my book is now joined the list of traitors, and one has to wonder that with a name like that, if he wasn't practicing some form of "justice" from the Soviet Union rather than this country's.

Here's the Union Tribune's write up of this decision, which they of course have no link from the web site page to. Brad Blog's thread on this has everyone from Bev Harris and Jim March to Paul Lehto (the attorney) commenting on it basically saying that Democracy's dead too. It's pretty depressing.

Jim March did say something interesting though in that the results here might give us more ammo to DEMAND more up-front protections against election fraud and not allow officials to allow for post-election redress of problems that might occur, since they now can be stolen jurisdictionally as well as electronically. That gives me some ideas on what to work on in the coming week or so with a trip I'm taking the following week.

lukery said...

oh no!