Tuesday, August 15, 2006

stop abusing claims of anti-Semitism

* wow - the AP have actually done a multi-page story on Depleted Uranium. (for some reason the Boston Globe put it in their 'Higher education' section - as a comparison it's in 'National News' in the Houston Chron)

* wow. army times:
"The active Army enjoyed its 14th consecutive successful recruiting month in July, but both the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve fell short, the Defense Department announced today .

Active Army recruiters brought in 10,890 people, 440 more than the goal of 10,450 recruits. This puts the Army at 104 percent of its year-to-date goal, and with two months left in the fiscal year, officials predict the Army will meet its annual goal of 80,000 soldiers."
that would be be an amazing effort by ther recruiters, notwithstanding the fact that there are a heap of lies, and bribes, and lowering of standards.

* following up on my post yesterday about israel and her right to defend herself where i wrote:
"... and even if we do call that 'defense', and even tho we understand and accept 'the RIGHT to defend' - was the 'defense' smart/wise?"
- comes this from the LATtimes via drum:
"Is there an alternative to this pattern of mistakes and countermistakes? There is, but it involves a quality that neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians have ever come close to mastering: tactical restraint in order to achieve strategic advantage. Simply put, this involves looking past immediate and all-out retaliation as the best method of countering threat. It is not a call for turning the other cheek; rather, it suggests that savagely swinging back every time one's cheek is dealt so much as a brushing blow does not amount to effective boxing, much less enlightened belligerent behavior."
* xymphora:
"Gaardner is essentially making the ultimate threat: stop abusing claims of anti-Semitism or we’ll call your bluff and connect what Israel does to allegations about the nature of Judaism, thus reversing 50 years of success in eliminating much of the world’s anti-Semitism. If you want us to reestablish that connection, just keep ‘standing for’ Israel’s slaughter of civilians. We dare you."

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, mindless dislike, prejudice, stereotyping, and even hatred of people because of their ethnicity (in this case Jewish Ethnicity) -- this is called anti-semitism -- has contaminated parts of the new left. People who would not have dared to do things like publically circulate the phony antisemetic book "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are now doing so at places like Camp Democracy and claiming, if confronted that they are not anti-semetic but merely against certain Israeli or US policies or "against the right of the state of Israel to exist", etc, etc. Any Google search of
"Anti-semitism" NEAR "new left"
"Anti-semitism" NEAR "camp democracy"
would be a good place to start for anyone sincerely interested in the evidence that anti-semitism is on the rise in the new left