Monday, August 14, 2006

suspected terrorista

* :
"A civilian convoy of more than 150 people in 47 cars was turned back by local police when attempting to bring relief supplies from Beirut to Nabatiyeh, 80km south of the capital on Saturday.

Organisers and participants of the Campaign of Resistance returned to Beirut after being advised by police that it was unsafe to travel any further than the checkpoint at Neama, about 20 km south of Beirut."

* oldschool:
"The definition of insanity wears a perpetual snear, occasionally shoots old Texas trial lawyers in the face, and answers to - "Mr. Vice-President"."

* fashion accesories via rimone (she wants a teeshirt)

how long till Scott adds these to his collection?


Patrick said...

I can proudly say that John Gilmore gave me that pin himself.

lukery said...

omg - i'm so jealous!

rimone said...

i had a t-shirt that said 'designated terrorist' back in 2002 (made it myself) but never got to wear it and now can't find it.

lukery said...

i bet MI5 stole it in a sneaknpeek

Scott Horton said...

That's killer. I'd never use it though since it ain't my idea.

Sup, Luke?

Hey, what's the word on you're end? This latest terror thing is pure bullshit right?

lukery said...

hiya scott. how u bin?

am not exactly sure abuot bojinka2 - it sure smells for a bunch of different reasons. it'll be intersting to see how many they let go at the end of 28 days.