Saturday, August 19, 2006

these lying halfwit fucks

* 3 of my favourite women explain their use of expletives in this post.

"LeeB, truth be told, i always used foul language in conversations, but not in my serious writing (which, among other things, has been shunted aside over the last six years).

however, these jokers--these lying halfwit fucks, who are BEING FINANCED BY US TAXPAYERS--have totally brought out the worst in me. my mom cringes when she reads my site but i'm all like 'hey--i call 'em as i see 'em).

unfortunately, i am/get so rabidly insane when reading of their backpedalling and bullshit, any positive ideas i might have, immediately descend into my name-calling and cursing when my total outrage takes over. which it does like a thousand or more times a day.

i blame bu$hCo, actually."

"Rimone: I'm with you on the need for more expressive, colorful language. Since 2000, I've been swearing like a salty dog, including in writing where it becomes indelible.

I used to blame everything on Hugh Heffner, but that was before Dopey and Darth."

"Kathleen and Rimone, you both have my undying admiration!

I do words for a living (mostly other people's words), and from that perspective I always tell others that what we call "foul language" exists specifically because of situations for which NOTHING else suits.

Who would have thought that in a mere -- what? . . . 24 hours? . . . fewer??? -- of the 2001 inauguration, we would already be sputtering in utter amazement at these bastards?!

They have never let up. Not once. Not once in their drive to return the U.S. to a feudal system complete with lords (masters) and serfs (slaves!) have they even paused for breath. So, as Kathleen said, "more expressive, colorful language" is what they get. It is what they have earned. Hefner was a piker, as we can clearly see now.

What's that bumper sticker say? If you're not outraged you haven't been paying attention!

So, keep it up. Y'all sure as hell are not offending this chickie-baby."
take that, values voters.

ftr, afaik they are all old enough to be my mother.

LeeB separately notes:

At last we have a really good word to describe what happened to my otherwise normal, reasonably well-functioning mind in November and December 2000.

Thank you, Marcy.
and LeeB:
"It appears we have the development of a useful bit of punchy shorthand.

If one is a political candidate, the new name assigned by the left for typically nasty GOPPER tactics (since 2004), "Swiftboating," is what we have come to understand as a series of lies and smears used in their attempts to undermine their opponents, since they are totally unable to argue from any superior factual platform.

I would then say "shrillification" is what they try to do to the rest of us. It, too, is used in an attempt to deflate and render useless the opposition via smears and lies. To their fact-free ears, I'm sure we do sound shrill when we are, in our state of utter exasperation, calling foul on their crap. They seem to be unable to recognize normal responses to the offenses they dish out on a daily basis.

I guess we have to start turning their demeaning tactics back around by lobbing our word at them as an opening to spell out their lying ways and total bankruptcy of any useful ideas that actually benefit the country. It's another tool to use in the "watercooler wars.""
ftr - the shrill thing appears to have first been thrown at Krugman - for his fabulous, dispassionate, fact-based analysis of bushco - the Rightards went beserk. to paraphrase judy miller - Krugman was fucking right.


rimone said...

ftr, afaik they are all old enough to be my mother.


i know you better than to think you're descending into ageist shite but really, Lukery--don't fuckin' remind me.

bastard! lol, xxx

lukery said...


you know me well enough to know that i've had gf's older than you.

but there is something fab about the fact that LeeB and Kathleen are grandmotherly types who swear like troopers - and even more that that, i love the fact that LeeB drops "internet toobz" (for example) into a sentence - can't tell you how much that amuses me :-)

rimone said...

i honestly think that those of us above 40 years old who still have functioning brains have reached a limit at which civil discourse just doesn't do it anymore, in light of all the outrageous assaults against US.

so naturally, cursing totally cuts it. in my opinion.

lukery said...

egads. those of us (marginally) shy of 40 also have our concerns - and limitations.

LeeB said...


Long before I had the pleasure of knowing any of you, conversations with like-minded friends here in the mild-mannered Pacific Northwest, have acknowledged the total inadequacy of normal vocabularies to describe the daily onslaught of outrage assaulting us. Occasionally, we even hear some TV or radio personality sputtering in the face of trying to appropriately comment whilst still hanging onto their broadcast licenses.

These are indeed the times that try wo/men's souls!