Thursday, August 17, 2006

this anthrax strain

re 'my' (darksyde's) recent anthrax post, damien writes:
People are finally donning tinfoil helmets. Good to see. There were two types of anthrax used in the attacks: a relatively harmless kind that went to Judy Miller and the Congressmen. And a very deady kind that went to people like Bob Stevens.

There were never good reasons to believe that bin Laden was behind the anthrax attacks of late 2001 since he would hardly attack such specific targets as the two leading congressional opponents of the Patriot Act.

Bob Stevens, a photo editor working for a Florida newspaper, was the first American to die in the 911 anthrax attacks. Bob's mistake was to publish an unflattering photograph of a drunken Jenna Bush, daughter of the President. (Osama's Xmas present to Bush? I think not.)

Osama would not have targetted these particular persons, nor is it likely he had access to this anthrax strain. So either there is another terrorist organisation out there we don't know about, a disturbed individual, or this is a US sponsored exercise. The evidence strongly supports the last case.

When all this comes out impeachment will be the least of these guys worries.
rimone adds:
in truth, i'd rather each of the war criminals killed themselves first, and avoided a long, drawn-out costly trial. just sayin' as my Schadenfreude goes only so far.

then again, i think it would be fun to find out that the preznit fucked up his suicide and not once, but many times (e.g., 'ah din't know ah wuz spozed t' kick th' chair over'). let him be standing alone at Den Haag, lol. i wanna see him sweat and for once, not have that stupid smirk on his dumbass face.

lol, oopsy--i said the quiet part out loud again. must be the drugs. :-)
personally, i'd prefer to see the trials - and would love to see the craven bastards sell each other up the river. (and i'd pay to watch it, and i'd pay a premium to get rimone's commentary along the way)

everyone is on the anthrax story again. here's simon. aravosis and atrios are newly interested too.

will we learn anything this time round?

(question of the day: will darksyde get kicked to the election-fraudist kerb at dkos? or is there a 5 year statute of limitations?)

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emptywheel said...

Important detail about what damien wrote. There may be two strands, but Judy didn't get either of them. While the powder the Senators and the real newsmen got did test positive as anthrax, hers didn't. She got confectioners sugar.

Which, while we're donning our tinfoil anew on this issue, ought to raise a red flag. If you're trying to use the anthrax attacks to keep fear levels high, having a friendly journalist tell the story of the fear of receiving anthrax is a nice touch. (Note, unlike the other newsmen beyond Stevens, Judy opened the envelope of "anthrax" herself.)