Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tucker Carlson: anti-war shouter

from my dear friend melanie morgan at Move America Forward - via email:
Move America Forward Chairman, Melanie Morgan, has broken a story that
the mainstream media refuses to report: for the past several months
the number of U.S. fatalities in Iraq has consistently fallen.

This blockbuster information is contained in this WorldNetDaily
Exclusive column, "Separating the Men From the Boys"

Read the Column Here:
from the article:

It was a shocking moment for me, and it took a few seconds for me to be sure I had heard him correctly.

Had MSNBC's Tucker Carlson really belittled the argument that Islamic terrorists posed a growing threat to Western civilization as being "reprehensibly dumb"?

I was on Carlson's bottom-ranked cable news show, and the once bow-tied anchor was lecturing me that my justifications for the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq was nothing more than "administration talking points."

It was yet another in an incalculably long stream of television segments where an anti-war host teamed up with an anti-war panelist to do a 2-on-1 number against someone who actually supported the war on terrorism and the mission our troops are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It didn't matter to Carlson whether the administration was right in identifying the dangers posed by the growing Islamofascist movement and the state sponsorship it has received in recent years from nations such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. (The latter three nations are no longer state sponsors of terrorism thanks to the efforts by our troops, which Carlson deems to be "reprehensibly dumb.")

Nonetheless, with the Bush administration now completely on the defensive on the war effort, passive in their PR efforts and distracted by infighting among senior staff, someone needs to step forward and speak to this nation about what we need to do to win the war on terror.

It's time to separate the men from the boys and find the voices in America who can articulate to the American people the danger our nation faces, and how best we should proceed to expeditiously dispatch with this enemy before the threat grows so great that it cannot be contained.

Living in the political-media bubble

Tucker Carlson wasn't always an anti-war shouter. He initially supported the tough line against terrorism until polls showed support for the war had fallen and his comrades in the news media had beaten him into submission.

If he were a rare exception we could dismiss such conduct, even as it comes at such a critical time in our nation's history. However, Carlson is just one of many who have bailed in the fight against terrorism once the going got tough.

In an article in the New York Observer, Carlson announced, "I'm getting more paleo every day" which surely pleases Carlson's bosses at MSNBC who target an audience ideologically opposite to that reached by the Fox News Channel.


The men and women of the United States Armed Forces have made tremendous progress in Iraq, but Tucker Carlson and his ilk are largely ignorant of this or ignore such progress because it doesn't fit with their own agenda.

The foreign terrorist threat posed by al-Qaida sympathizers who poured into Iraq from Iran and Syria has largely been defeated. You hear almost nothing from the news media about the fact that al-Qaida in Iraq has been effectively destroyed by our military. The violence today is largely sectarian violence between competing religious and ethnic groups. The greatest need in Iraq today is to ensure that a sense of stability and security can allow this newly freed nation to chart a course for a peaceful future, free of sectarian violence.

Carlson sat silent and stunned, along with anti-war Democrat strategist Rich Masters, when I pointed out that the number of fatalities in Iraq had been dropping over the past several months. You see, both Carlson and Masters are creatures of that political-media world where truth is concocted out of do-gooder liberal ideology and facts are ignored.

So far this month, there have been fewer U.S. troops killed in Iraq than died in the month of July. July's fatality figures were lower than those of June. June's were lower than May's. And May's fatalities were lower than April's. The news is that we are WINNING!


The humanitarian efforts of U.S. troops are almost entirely ignored. Liberal journalists scoff at the daily reports by U.S. Central Command outlining our military's success in apprehending or killing terrorists and death squad leaders. These left-wing reporters seem hell-bent to rally the American public to oppose the mission in Iraq.

It takes a woman to do a man's job

While I have applauded President Bush's determination to stay the course in the fight against terrorism in spite of unconstructive criticism here at home (just as Ronald Reagan endured during the Cold War), I am dismayed to see the Bush administration apparently beaten down and weakened.

With the deepening threat of Islamic terrorists like Hezbollah and Hamas, and the growing nuclear threat and taunts to destroy America and Israel coming out of Iran, it's more important than ever for Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld to find one strong voice and articulate a vision this nation can rally around.

But lately that hasn't been happening.

And that's left the playing field open to these wussy flip-floppers on the right to join in the defeatism of the anti-war left.

During World War II, a time when males comprised America's fighting force and females worked the manufacturing lines here at home, women played a major role in rallying support for our troops here at home.

With so many supposedly conservative men like Tucker Carlson and Robert Novak acting like little boys – crying and wailing about how we're just provoking more terrorists and we can't win waah waah waah – maybe it's time for some women to step up to the plate and lead the fight against the terrorist threat.

Increasingly, a number of conservative women such as myself, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and others have had to carry much of the load in rallying the American public to muster the fortitude to outwit and outlast the Islamic terrorists who are plotting to bring down the nations of the West.

Oh, and one more thing about Tucker Carlson's cable TV news show. When Tucker had finished insulting my position on confronting Islamic terrorism, he tried to demean me by asking what it was that I was personally doing to help advance the war on terrorism.

Had Tucker been more in tune with middle America and less focused on dance lessons and hoity-toity cocktail parties with the bow-tied crowd, he'd know that I am chairman of the nation's largest grass-roots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward.

Not only have we done "support the troops" drills, like sending over 15 tons of coffee, cookies, Gatorade and beef jerky to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, we also work to knock down the defeatist messages from the "Blame America First" crowd.

it's satire, right? right?


rimone said...

satire? they don't know the meaning of the fucking word. LOL, neither do they know 'irony.'

profmarcus said...

it's consistently and staggeringly amazing to me how choicefully blind some people can be to reality... they have not only chosen to adopt the fear mindset, they have also chosen to accept bushco's worldview... worse, they have chosen to ignore that both are only manipulative tools, conceived in the dark recesses of megalomaniacal minds, that continue to keep the diminishing numbers of faithful in thrall...

lukery said...

prof marcus - melanie is such a classic example.

'consistently and staggeringly amazing' indeed.

LeeB said...

Melanie Morgan is a vile wingnut tool. There is no good reason to give her a forum anywhere - she ranks down in the depths with Malkin and Coulter. Urgh.

LeeB said...

ProfMarcus: I just added your comment to my stash of quotables. Don't be surprised if you see it staring back at you from some other comment on some other site. (With full attribution, of course!)

rimone said...

Prof Marcus: ...they have not only chosen to adopt the fear mindset, they have also chosen to accept bushco's worldview...

teh stoopit hurts ALL of US. fuckers.