Wednesday, August 09, 2006

war could be an advantage for Republicans

* LAT via froomkin:
" "Some Republican candidates are distancing themselves from President Bush in fear of voter discontent with the war in Iraq. But a new GOP strategy memo argues that the war could prove to be an advantage for many Republican candidates, citing it as one of the most effective issues that will excite the party base in November.

"The memo, based on a Republican National Committee poll of GOP voters and obtained by the Los Angeles Times, lists Bush's handling of 'foreign threats' as the No. 1 motivator of the Republican base, specifically citing his leadership on Iraq. . .

"The memo underscores the belief among top White House and GOP strategists that the war, despite the rising death toll and mounting public anxiety, could be the party's biggest advantage in the fight to retain control of Congress in the November elections.""

* froomkin:
"Richard Cohen is Shrill"

* cohen:
"The high-ranking officers cited above are neither stupid nor ignorant of Iraq's history. I can only conclude, therefore, that like countless others before them they feel compelled to say things that fit the political ideology and delusions of their civilian bosses in the Bush administration. The official line there, of course, is that Iraq is not and will not and could not descend into civil war because, well, that would aid the evildoers."

* athenae writes a Dear Joe letter.

* jane:
"8:28 pm — With 4% of precincts reporting, it’s 60/40 Lamont. Chris Bowers is sitting standing in front of the TV cheering. Should give you some idea of the sentiment in the room."

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