Tuesday, August 08, 2006

when did you first get the web?

* egads! it was rimone's birthday on sunday and he she didnt tell me! and i didnt drop into her site till now. boooo. happy birthday hunny.

* rimone also notes that it was the web's 15th birthday on the weekend:
"Tim Berners-Lee on Wikipedia: ‘The first Web site built was at http://info.cern.ch/ and was first put online on August 6, 1991. It provided an explanation about what the World Wide Web was, how one could own a browser and how to set up a Web server. It was also the world’s first Web directory, since Berners-Lee maintained a list of other Web sites apart from his own…’"
i can proudly say that one of my friends worked with tim on that first directory :-)

when did you first get the web (or otherwise on some 'internet) ? i think i was devirginised in 1993.


Superteemu said...

My local tech college (of Oulu, one of Nokia home bases) felt like experimenting on 1993 and set up net connections (14.4kbps) to high schools of the area. I was tasked with couple of other 10th grade students to find out what the thing was all about. So, I familiarized myself with USENET, gopher, archie, ftp sites, MUD games, www (lynx) and IRC (chat) back then.

IRC was especially exciting. It was developed on our university of Oulu, and seemed like half of the few hundred people there were local teens. Fun! Nowadays, I think it has close to million users.

Next year (1994), a friend tried to pressure me to build a search engine on web. I thought it was a silly idea - after all, there was Webcrawler and Lycos already, with I think 200k pages in it at the time. Now who would need THIRD search engine? Silly idea...

Same year, a geek girl from my class that I though was awfully cute met an australian man named Eric in IRC. He flew up here, and after few weeks they both flew down under for good. I hate you. :(

(While looking back at our youths, some see themselves as major players in national political arena. I guess being an innovator of net.chatting with cut3Ch1ck80 isn't something that I can as proudly put on my resume...)

rimone said...

it was rimone's birthday on sunday and she didnt tell me!

lol, big whoop, dude. but you're not so special--i didn't tell anyone.

BTW, what's w/the 'he/she' stuff? i'm a grrl, dammit!

and i didnt drop into her site till now.

now that's unforgiveable--i need you there on a regular basis to witness the unravelling of what's left of my mind. :-)

ps, i got the web at a NYC library starting in 1996 until i finally got online at home in '98. :-)

oldschool said...

Belated happy birthday Rimone!

Hope you didn't let any numbers interfere with your day. I've discovered that numbers, when associated with birthdays, are just... annoying.

After seeing V for Vendetta I found out that my b-day is on Guy Faulkes Day, fwiw.

calipendence said...

I first got onto browsing usenet back around 1984 when getting on some Berkeley UNIX lab Vaxes in college right before I left there for a job in California around 1985 where I spent a lot more time posting and using usenet, ftp, gopher, etc. too, so I'm kinda old school too. We had some earlier multi-user games and message boards on old HP-1000 machines that we were on in the early 1980's. I was at Sun when Java was first starting up, and when they were trying to push out HotJava as a different browser and basis for a JavaOS-based variant of X terminals (which we tried to support for an internal search engine we developed). Those were the good old days where I could crash Netscape by trying to load a Postscript doc converted into a Java applet. A lot's changed since then! :)

calipendence said...

On birthdays, I share mine with BOTH Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I wonder if it is a religious thing for them to both want to be attached to each other to share that date. Perhaps if they get a divorce, Catherine Zeta Jones might be interested in... (Nah! Never happen!) :)

lukery said...

Oldschool - Remember, remember the fifth of November

lukery said...

S/Teemu - sorry to hear about the lass! australian men have a certain charm... btw is that THE cut3Ch1ck80 you are talking about??? i think i know her ;-)

is it really true that IRC only has a million users?

lukery said...

calipendence has some SERIOUS geek cred!

as for birthdays, i've got Naomi Campbell - does that count?

lukery said...

btw - i nearly took a job with oracle hq on webtv back in 2000.

thnk goodness that didnt work out.

rimone said...

thank you, oldschool. Guy Fawkes Day is a cool one for a b-day, IMO. and if you dug the film V for Vendetta, i recommend you read the original graphic novel by Alan Moore--it's superb.

i'm so jealous reading about how y'all were on computers way back when, but on the other hand, i love reading these.

lukery said...

yay us.

birthdays and computers and, finally, a big, massive win.

i almost feel like 'democracy' isnt a dirty word

Kathleen said...

Well, I'm a Neandrathal on computers, but my b-day is FDR's. Figures. He's a hero of mine for instituting the graduated income tax.