Wednesday, August 02, 2006

whistleblowing and gun ownership

* calipendence in the comments:
"Sibel could really play an Ace card to get right wingers on her side if she could find a whistleblower out there to come into the NSWBC fold that would have actual information of this administration actually looking closely at people's gun ownership records and doing questionable things with it. That would perhaps get them more scared of government authority the way they should be!"
* miguel responds:
"Or how about this? NSWBC announces "NSA Wiretaps Being Handed Over To Internal Revenue Service To Prosecute Tax Cheaters".

Then 'ol Grover Norquist would be leading the charge to get the illegal wiretapping stopped!"
* calipendence has more

* updated to prove (again) that miguel is a genius. grover:
"If you interpret the Constitution's saying that the president is commander in chief to mean that the president can do anything he wants and can ignore the laws you don't have a constitution: you have a king. They're not trying to change the law; they're saying that they're above the law and in the case of the NSA wiretaps they break it."

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