Saturday, August 05, 2006

'will go to war with Iran before the end of the year'

* via Noise in the comments here where i mentioned the new war in iran, Nafeez Ahmed has a blog. Last week he wrote:

UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

In the last few days, I learned from a credible and informed source that a former senior Labour government Minister, who continues to be well-connected to British military and security officials, confirms that Britain and the United States:
"... will go to war with Iran before the end of the year.""

Larisa also dropped by in the comments (amongst other great comments):
It is not that we are going to nuke Iran over the summer/fall, rather, I am told we will be engaging Iran directly and I think Sam Gardiner's strategy of air strikes is largely supported as the most probable. Air strikes do not mean nukes.

I have reported much on Iran and it has all been thus far supported by reality on the ground and other publications. This is hardly theory.

First remove the concept of elections from this for now, because this administration has an agenda that has nothing to do with Congress.

Then consider this:

Since last year we have been using a terrorist organization, MEK, on the ground in Iran to act as a "disrupting force."

Just in March alone, MEK assassinated 22 Iranian officials, including a governor. We have set of smallish bombs and other "destabilizing" activities there since last year. These actions are prepping the ground for something...but for what?

The OVP has retained the services of Iran Contra arms man, Gorba, to "act as eyes and ears on the ground" to make sure that no "unauthorized" negotiations take place.

We have bypassed the UNSC and approached EU banks directly already.

We have attempted to implicate both Iran/Iraq in a WMD smuggling plot (see my article on this).

The US DOD has created an OSP for Iran called the Iranian Directorate, with the same exact people (minus 2).

The US State Department is funneling large amounts of cash to "opposition" groups in Iran.

These are but a few points and it is impossible to deny that we are actively engaged in regime change already.

But the US does not have the authority or reason to justify an aerial attack on Iran, although we did a great deal of illegal pre-war bombing in Iraq prior to attacking them (see my article).

I and others have said we would need a trigger. The "others" in this scenario are more informed about these issues than you, me, Luke and everyone else put together. The questions now are what the trigger will be, not if there will be an attack.

Sy Hersh and I are the only two journalists staying on this story. Just because there are only two of us, does not make us wrong nor does it mean that others don't see what we are reporting and express concern.

Some reporters wait until something happens, then it is news. I generally agree with that sentiment. But on this issue, waiting to see is negligent, because we know far too much activity is going on for it to simply "pan out."

The election question is not important here, simply because this administration is not running for reelection, and should Dems take control of both chambers or even one, this attack will not be possible.

Regardless of what the American people wake up to, they are powerless because Congress is not doing its job. We can take to the streets, but we won't make a dent of difference. Congress has to act and as you can see, Congress is completely limp at this point.

This administration has an agenda, and they are better served doing things now than during a Dem led Congress.


rimone said...

i read Larisa's comment yesterday on the topic, depressed as all hell, but this part got me the most:

Regardless of what the American people wake up to, they are powerless because Congress is not doing its job. We can take to the streets, but we won't make a dent of difference. Congress has to act and as you can see, Congress is completely limp at this point.

lukery said...

bah - that's old news.

i'm increasingly confident (from about 2% to about 8%) that if the dems dont take either house in nov, and there's a whiff of election fraud, people will take to the streets. and i think we are getting to a tipping point. the media will have to cover it (although the lack of media re mexico concerns me)

rimone said...

once again i'm here to say if there's any viable protest (and i don't mean a damn march or whatever), i'm biting the bullet and flying back to join them, ready to stay w/them for weeks (or months if need be).

i've been waiting for a massive protest since 13. december 2000 and all i've got is fucking crickets chirping (apart from the glorious Cindy Sheehan effect).

lukery said...

bah - i dont think they'd let me into the country!

oldschool said...

so when the revolution comes, I think we should meet up. At 11:59 P.M. of the first Friday, I'll be on the lawn in front of the Washington monument. I'm about 5'10", 162#, devilishly handsome, and will have on blue jeans, sandals, and a T-shirt with an appropriately angry slogan which I haven't picked out yet. And I'll be wearing sunglasses.

Unless it's a cold-weather thing, in which case I'll be wearing blue jeans, boots, a sweat shirt with an appropriately angry slogan which I haven't picked out yet, and a leather jacket. And I'll be wearing sunglasses.


rimone said...

cool, oldschool--i'll be the short chick w/two-tone hair (red and black). otherwise, i'm in my usual uniform--black t-shirt, leather jacket, black jeans, Cons (or boots in cold weather) and the shades i live in outside. :-)

Don said...

Cool, I'll bring my pack of Canadian Irregulars, so named not because of fighting style or even combatants (we're definitely not) but because we're just plain weird.

We'll be the ones with the coolers of beer that actually have a useful alcoholic content ;)

lukery said...

that does it! i'm going to have to make an effort to try too. perhaps i'll pretend to be a big bale of pot and someone can smuggle me in.

i guess i'll look like something like this (altho i might wear my new snowflake tee)

rimone said...

woo-hoooo! meet-up in the land of the chronically stupid! sorry, i mean 'land of the chronically uninformed!'

Don: we're just plain weird.

rather that than boring and all 'normal.' :-)

damien said...

I know they'll let me in. Every time I post a new anti-Bush tirade I get a fresh green card lottery invitation in my email. (It's like they're reading my mind....) As this is clearly a hazardous mission you will not be allowed to identify me...I will identify you, OK? I'll just look for a bunch of Canadian irregulars toting a big bale of pot next to a cool dude and a red-headed nazi. Plus a Finn. You'll be able to recognize me by your rapidly diminishing beer. Vive la revolution!

Kathleen said...

So does that photo have a not so subtle hidden message that you are a "pot head"? I'll skip the beer but I'm all for the bales of pot.

Having a yearly meeting must be in the ethers. I was wishing we could have a "Yearly Lukery", but not in a crass place like Vegas, although they have the best package deals I guess.

I'd love to meet in Geneva, at the UN during the Human Rights Commission meeetings. Every dumb gov't will be in the same room, for weeeeeks, with every activist with the goods on every dumb gov't, plus the press from every corner of the globe. You can make some major dents in a gov't's plans, if you're dedicated. Way more damage than meeeting in D.C. on a lawn, I think. You could talk to the Iraqi Ambassador personally, or the Canadain, Aussie, US, anyone you want to ask any questions. Don, you could ask Italy about Finemacchina, directly.

But wherever, I'll be the Granny in the bunch with spiked silver hair and jeans.

Superteemu said...

Wot Is It Good 4 is the kind of blog which I would want to read in november, if it should be my lot to witness what is forecast to be the final battle between good and evil in the world. So, I'd appreciate if you could live-blog in case I get stuck in airport security. :(

lukery said...

kathleen - i was just trying to rework the old gag that the easiest to slip a nuke into the country would be to hide in a bale of pot - and so yep - that was the photo that i searched for :-)

we might be able to rack up 3-strikes-and-we're-out in half an hour!

we arent really talking about a 'meeting' - but hopefully we'll be a part of mass demonstrations that force the overthrow of this evil regime.

damien - funny. you'll have to grab a couple of duty free bottles of that stuff you are so fond of - tilkser? or something.

thnx teemu - i'll be blogging one way or another. you might be able to read over my shoulder in airport security!