Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/11: Press for Truth


9/11: Press for Truth

For some time, I have begged my readers to watch 9/11: Press for Truth. For too long, the debate has been confined to two fibs: The Official Story, and the Official Conspiracy Theory (a.k.a. controlled demolition). Reality rests somewhere between those two mounds of crap, and 9/11 Press for Truth goes looking for it.

The film is now available for free via Google video: Go here. I have no idea if the film was uploaded legally. If you are not poor, please buy the DVD (which contains additional material) here. In an earlier post (scroll to the end) I gave technical details on how to download a copy to your hard drive and how to encode a DVD.
larisa told me that the uploading was illegal and the producers are bummed about it - so buy a copy if you can.

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