Sunday, September 17, 2006

"American holocaust" begins in earnest (guest post by Uranus)

Welcome to Fuhrer Bush's Gestapo America! The Seattle Times reports federal agents have conducted a sweep and capture of illegal immigrants which has left the small town of Stillmore, GA a ghost town:

More than 120 illegal immigrants have been loaded onto buses bound for immigration courts in Atlanta, 189 miles away. Hundreds more fled Emanuel County. Residents say many scattered into the woods, camping out for days. They worry some are in hiding without food.


Federal agents also swarmed into a trailer park operated by David Robinson. Illegal immigrants were handcuffed and taken away. Almost none have returned. Robinson bought a U.S. flag and posted it by the pond out front, upside down, in protest.

"These people might not have American rights, but they've damn sure got human rights," Robinson said. "There ain't no reason to treat them like animals."


The 2000 census put Stillmore's population at 730, but Slater said uncounted immigrants probably made it more than 1,000. Not anymore, with so many homes abandoned and the streets practically empty.

"This reminds me of what I read about Nazi Germany, the Gestapo coming in and yanking people up," Slater said.

Coming to your town soon.


lukery said...

Holy Shit.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

That's what I thought. Two houses down are some people I suspect don't have green cards, and I hope like the world that nobody comes for them when I'm home.

rimone said...

unbe-fucking-lievable. but not surprising. i hate them more and more each day...more wear and tear on what Hunter S Thompson called his 'innocence gland.' but he said he got high to make US politics bearable.

oh wait. ah, fuck my already wellworn liver.