Saturday, September 16, 2006

* atrios has a story about an apparently normal couple having a normal healthy baby:
"They paid for Kerry's prenatal care, hospital and delivery costs out of their savings and by selling stocks and fairly exhausting every credit card and line of credit available to them.

By the time they took their infant son home, they still owed the hospital $17,000. Negotiations on a payment schedule went nowhere. The $17,000 landed in collections."
the american 'health' system is so screwed up. i'm not in the baby-making business - but i suspect that if i was, in australia, i don't think the hospital would charge me anything. maybe i'm wrong - should i have babies to find out?


Superteemu said...

I thought that the recent "as luck would have it, i had some more adultish duties to deal with - the fruits of which you will see next monday" -announcement referred to that.

(Next monday? Well, maybe those fruits ripen faster under Australian sun than at polar circle...)

LeeB said...

I can't wait to read Luke's reply to this one. LOL!

lukery said...


not so! the children here are the same as everywhere - 5 months pergnancy, 6 fingers etc etc.