Monday, September 25, 2006

be prepared to live in the Stone Age.

* glenn:
"Only in the U.S., with its toxic mix of Bush administration propaganda and media listlessness, could it ever even be a question open to debate whether invading, bombing and occupying a Muslim country in the Middle East for almost four years would fuel Muslim radicalism, inflame anti-American resentment, and create far more terrorists than ever existed before. And only in the current political climate where up is down could the political party directly responsible for severely exacerbating the terrorism problem with a pointless, disastrous and seemingly endless war have their chances for victory depend upon maximizing the country's focus on terrorism -- the very problem they have so severely exacerbated."

* gary hart:
"It should come as no surprise if the Bush Administration undertakes a preemptive war against Iran sometime before the November election.

Were these more normal times, this would be a stunning possibility, quickly dismissed by thoughtful people as dangerous, unprovoked, and out of keeping with our national character. But we do not live in normal times.


Therefore, (Bush) will announce, our own national security and the security of the region requires us to act. "Tonight, I have ordered the elimination of all facilities in Iran that are dedicated to the production of weapons of mass destruction....." In the narrowest terms this includes perhaps two dozen targets.

But the authors of the war on Iraq have "regime change" in mind in Iran. According to Colonel Sam Gardiner (author of "The End of the 'Summer of Diplomacy': Assessing U.S. Military Options in Iran," The Century Foundation, 2006) to have any hope of success, such a policy would require attacking at least 400 targets, including the Revolutionary Guard. But even this presumes the Iranian people will respond to a massive U.S. attack on their country by overthrowing their government. Only an Administration inspired by pre-Enlightenment fantasy could believe a notion such as this."

* kucinich:
"The Bush Administration is preparing for war against Iran, using an almost identical drumbeat of weapons of mass destruction, imminent threat, alleged links to Al Queda, and even linking Iran with a future 911.

In the past few months reports have been published in Newsweek, ABC News and GQ Magazine that indicate the US is recruiting members of paramilitary groups to destabilize Iran through violence. The New Yorker magazine and the Guardian have written that US has already deployed military inside Iran. The latest issue of Time writes of plans for a naval blockade of Iran at the Port of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world’s oil supply passes. Other news reports have claimed that an air strike, using a variety of bombs including bunker busters to be dropped on over 1,000 targets, including nuclear facilities. This could obviously result in a great long term humanitarian and environmental disaster.

Earlier this year, I demanded congressional hearings on Iran and was able to secure the promise of a classified briefing from the Department of Defense, the State Department and the CIA. When the briefing was held, the Department of Defense and the State Department refused to show and are continuing to block any congressional inquiry into plans to attack Iran."

* from the LAWeekly, Nov 2001 (via):

"“The choice is up to you,” Colin Powell’s right-hand man, Richard Armitage, is said to have told Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed, who has since been replaced as chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, during a September 11 visit to Pakistan’s embassy in Washington. “Help us and breathe in the 21st century along with the international community or be prepared to live in the Stone Age.”"

* cannon has the details re osama's 'death' (so i dont have to)

* thanks to everyone for joining in on my "fave dishes, weird crushes" post. incidentally, i was going to add a music element to it as well, perhaps we'll leave that till another time, but when i was writing the post, i was listening to one of my fave songs - Elvis Costello's "Alison" - performed on this particular occasion by Everything But the Girl for some reason - and I was gonna mention the song, but didn't. Lo & behold, c&l hosted a late-night yesterday, with Elvis giving the back-story to the song. I'm not sure whether or not I'm glad I know the back story.


LeeB said...

Yo, Lukery!

I keep meaning to mention how much I soooo appreciate the addition of the F/P revelations of posts in the comments to each thread. Wunnerful, simply wunnerful. :-)

lukery said...

ummm - sorry don't quite understand, are yuo saying that yuo like it when i fp comments? the people here are smart. yay.

LeeB said...

No, no, no . . . not that F/P (although I appreciate that very much and have been flattered to be included) . . . no, what I meant is that little stampie thingie that tells us who has posted comments so it is easy to tell if there is something new since the last drive-by . . . THAT "F/P revelations of posts" . . . right below the date/time stamp of the post.

Lookee there . . . See?

lukery said...

oh yeah - that's a great innovation - i've been meaning to ask what people think of it. (when i get a moment i'll try to change the color)

rimone said...

Lukery re 'Alison': I'm not sure whether or not I'm glad I know the back story.

is that the one about shooting up? whatever; if not, if it is, right now, i can't get the chorus of 'hypo fulla love' outta mah head (and i don't wanna).

'shoot me up, in the mainline
'shoot me up, y'know it feels fine
'shoot me up, every damn day
'w/a hypo fulla looooooove....'

thank youse, Alabama 3! oopsy, wrong board. fuck it. :-)

lukery said...

rimone - there's nary a drug ref in the whole song ;-(

rimone said...

what about 'my aim is true'?

that's the backstory of what we heard from a reliable source way back when.