Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States

* jeralyn:
"What terrorists are in our midst? The only ones I know of are in the Bush Administration - grabbing more power and diminishing our rights at every turn.

This is all a political game to him and Republicans. Bush wants to help Republicans win in November. So he's inventing a terror threat at home. He says we need more laws and there will be more wiretapping. And the stupid, stupid people in the audience listening to him clapped their hands in thunderous applause when he promised more wiretapping."

* lostintarnation:
"But don’t be afraid, voters. It’s natural for the reasons we’re in the Middle East to be a little confusing sometimes. Hell, even the people who make this stuff up can’t keep it all straight. Right now, in fact, the big reason – the overarching theme – the leitmotif – as it were – is the battle against Islamofascism. Islamofascism is one of those axis-of-evil kinda terms that means the most when you define it the least. Like pornography and weapons of mass destruction, we won’t wait till we see it, but we’ll know what it is anyway.
See – if you take all the explanations as though they were supposed to fit together into a coherent whole, it makes no sense whatsoever. That’s how clever our enemy is. The trick is to take a particular idea that you like and repeat it over and over again. And when that fails, pick another one, and so on as needed. This is called “staying the course.”"

* carpetbagger:
"Now, I know that Rice, like much of today's Republican Party, is desperate. I realize that this appears to be a challenging campaign cycle for the GOP, and they're willing to engage in whatever demagoguery necessary to survive the next 10 weeks.

But to suggest, out loud, on the record, that critics of the war in Iraq are similar to those who would approve of slavery is perhaps the most breathtakingly stupid remark ever uttered by a Bush administration official. And given the competition, that's no easy feat.
Ironically, Rice was supposed to be the level-headed one. "
* speaking of the anti.c.rice - digby has this (w/ video):
RICE: I remember very well that the president was aware that there were issues inside the United States. He talked to people about this. But I don't remember the al Qaeda cells as being something that we were told we needed to do something about.

BEN-VENISTE: Isn't it a fact, Dr. Rice, that the August 6 PDB warned against possible attacks in this country? And I ask you whether you recall the title of that PDB?

RICE: I believe the title was, "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States."

Now, the...

BEN-VENISTE: Thank you.
It's as gripping today as it was the day I first saw it... That is one of the most famous exchanges in American political history --- right up there with "at long last sir, have you no decency" and "there's a cancer on the presidency."
this scene is also in PressforTruth - it is probably very compelling footage for most of the population. i suspect that fewer than 20% of the population actually are aware of the pdb, and the contents of it. hopefully the corpmedia will show this scene repeatedly in the next week (ha!)

(btw - in PressForTruth - the most compelling footage is the crowd shots and the gasps and the headshaking and the tears)

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